The Highs: Indisputable “cool” factor, great looks, compact & simple

The Lows: You’ll pay a price for all that cool

The Verdict: Gotta have gizmo for the iPhone or iPod power user

One of the remarkable features of many Apple products is their outstanding battery life. The iPhone 4, for example, boasts up to 14 hours talk time on 2G networks (7 hrs. on 3G), or 10 hours video playback, or up to an astonishing 40 hours of audio playback!

Despite these stats, however, the unimaginable does happen, often at the worst time:  our iPhones and iPods run out of battery power!

If you’re not equipped with a laptop or an AC charger, you’re out of luck.  Hence the appeal of backup battery packs.

There are several such backup batteries on the market, but only one is distinguished by its clever mimicry of the battery icon on the iPhone/iPod Touch, the aptly named Icon Power Pack.  Compatible with iPhones and iPods with Apple’s 30 pin connector (note: the Icon is not compatible with the iPad), the Icon Power Pack’s good looks are a worthy  complement to Apple’s design language.

Use couldn’t be much simplercharge the Icon with the supplied Type A to mini USB cable until all 4 bars are illuminated, store it in its (supplied) microfiber sleeve, and when needed, it can provide enough power for up to 18 hours of audio playback or 7 hours of additional talk time!

Key Features

  • Charge your iPhone or iPod anytime and anywhere with this “iconic” battery pack
  • 1000mAh Lithium-ion Polymer battery
  • Featuring EL (electro-luminescent) technology as a power status indicator
  • Compatible with all generations of iPhone – 2G, 3G, 3GS, and 4, and iPod with the standard charging port
  • EL film technology indicates battery levels, just like the battery icon on your phone
  • Up to 3 hours of additional talk time for 3G and 7 hours for 2G
  • Feather-light (45 grams) and ultra-portable with dimensions of just 2.95 x 1.81 x 0.63 inches (74 x 46 x 16 mm)
  • Made in China

The Icon’s display lets you know the state of its charge, and if you can tolerate its sequential lights doing their thing while you’re using the Icon, life is good.  Of course, there’s a point to those lightsunlike conventional battery packs, with the Icon you know how much juice is left.  When the Icon is down to one bar, it’s nearing the end of its charge.

As with all such packs, you can’t access the audio jack on the bottom of the iPod Touch when the pack is connected; this isn’t the case with the iPhone, as its jack is at the top.

A few “Iconic” images…

The Icon’s packaging is nicely thought out and beautifully executed:

It comes with everything you’ll need:

Charging the Icon is simple.  From the time I removed it from its box, it took perhaps two hours to fully charge (I’d be more precise, but HAD to start trying it out before it was fully charged!)

I’m not sure if pictures capture just how small the Icon is – it’s tiny, and only weighs 45 grams!

The instant you insert the Icon into your device, it turns on and its battery indicator displays the state of its charge:

Of course, you can let the Icon recharge your iPhone or iPod, or just go ahead and use it while it’s plugged in – either way, it works, and its EL film indicators let you know how much charge is left:

Wrapping up…

In actual operation, the Icon Power Pack is quiet while charging or plugged into your Apple device.  I found it was slightly warm to the touch while charging, but only slightly.

Made by essential tpe, and available domestically from IPEVO, the Icon Power Pack sells for $53.68. With no-name back-up batteries selling for considerably less than that, the Icon’s price of entry may seem a bit steep, but those cheaper packs lack the Icon’s 1000mAh punch, stunning good looks, and gee-whiz (and useful) EL film power bar indicators.

If you travel with an iPod or iPhone frequently, or otherwise finding yourself wishing your battery would last longer, you ought to check out the Icon.  See it at IPEVOIcon Power Pack for iPhone & iPod

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