Sometimes things go horribly awry with a blog, and the blogger is the last to know.  Several days ago a reader named Kristin emailed me to let me know she was having trouble downloading the “90 Day Action Plan” I’ve recommended for job seekers going to a second interview.

As I don’t make a habit of downloading the files from the FREE Downloads page (after all, I already have them!), I had NO idea anything was wrong.  I tried downloading the file, and it didn’t work.  Naturally, I uploaded the file to my server again, and then tried downloading it.  Uh, no dice.  “This isn’t good,” I thought.  (I have always been quick.)

A long story short:  things were irretrievably FUBAR.  Investigating a bit further, I discovered that the plugin I was using for a download manager was no longer supported.

A couple hours’ work later, we have a new FREE Downloads page.  All the files are there, and they all can be downloaded quickly and easily.  The page has a new look, which frankly has plusses and minuses.  The old Download page offered a brief snippet about each file, which I thought was handy.  The new page has a more streamlined look, with the most popular files highlighted at its top:

When you click on a file, you’re then treated to a brief description and a nifty Download button:

Anyway, all seems to be working.  I’ll end with a simple request:  if you see something that doesn’t work properly or you otherwise encounter issues with the site, please let me know.  There’s a link to a Contact form at the top of this page, and I’d deeply appreciate your help in letting me know when things go sideways with the site.

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