About 45% of Practical Hacks visitors use Firefox, so it’s clear I’m not alone in my enthusiasm for Mozilla’s versatile and feature-rich browser.

There are dozens of useful Firefox keyboard shortcuts available, but the following list captures the ten I’ve found most useful:

1. Quickly close a tab: CTRL + W (Bonus:  undo a closed tab – CTRL + SHIFT + T) (No need to use the Shift key for capital letters in any of these shortcuts, BTW.)

2. Scroll through open tabs: CTRL + Tab (This is one of the most useful shortcuts, in my opinion.)

3. Go to a specific tab: CTRL + 1-8 (Bonus:  go to the rightmost tab, regardless of how many are open:  CTRL + 9)

4. Jump to the address bar: ALT + D

5.  Open history in a sidebar: CTRL + H (This plus the next few are easy to remember, as the letter logically relates to the particular task.)

6.  Open a new tab: CTRL + T

Open a new browser: CTRL + N

Open link in a new tab: Hover cursor over a link, click middle button

9 Refresh a page: CTRL + R (Or alternatively, hit F5)

10.  Use keywords to create address bar shortcuts to your favorite bookmarks: This one’s a bit different, but no more complicated.  Right click on one of your bookmarks, and select “Properties.”  Type a simple keyword -as simple as one letter – see below – I used “n” (no quote marks) for The New York Times.

Click “Save.”  Now, all I need to do to go to The New York Times is type the letter “n” (no quotes, of course) in the address bar, and hit “Enter.”   Simply use #4 above (Alt + D) to jump to your address bar, type n, hit enter, and (in this case) you’re instantly at the NYT home page.

A really neat variant, for Google: use “g” as your Google bookmark’s Keyword.  Then copy and paste the following line of text into the line for “Location” (instead of http://www.google.com) —


Now all you have to do in order to conduct a quick Google search from the address bar is type “g” (again, no quotes), space, and whatever search terms you want, and hit the Enter button; for example:

A moment later, your search results appear:

I hope you enjoy these Firefox shortcuts; if you have any other favorites, please share them by commenting.

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3 Comments on The ten most useful Firefox shortcuts

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  2. kathy says:

    We used to program our f keys where i used to work years ago, with type that we use frequently. i dont remember how we did it.

    i thought this would be a great idea for my email address because i am retyping it soooo frequently.

    Does anyone know how to program an f key with your email address?

    cant find any info on this.



    Kevin Reply:

    Kat –

    Not only is this possible, it’s easy. There’s a simple program you’ll need to download, and creating simple scripts to launch programs or “type” simple things like signatures or email addresses is very easy.

    I’ll post about this tomorrow. The program, BTW, is AutoHotKey.


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