Although fall technically began on September 22nd, we’ve been treated to some wonderful weather for the last couple of weeks:  cool at night, and sunny with temps around 70°F during the day.  Even the wind has died down a bit, hardly normal for The Middle of Nowhere.  I love fall, and wish it could stay like this year round; somehow I don’t think that’s in the cards, however.

Here are a few interesting articles I’ve stumbled across in the last week or so:

Smarter than you think – Google Cars Drive Themselves – in Traffic @ The New York Times.  That’s great, but call me when my car can drive itself to the office AND attend my boss’s staff meeting – then I’ll be impressed.

This sounds neat:  Press Your Credit Card’s Secret Buttons to Pay with Rewards Points @ Gizmodo.  Imagine being able to use that feature on the road!  The card’s been in test since May of this year…

If you’re into travel and photography, take a few moments to check out David Terrazas’s extraordinary photos of Madrid @ Behance Network.   Images like “West Park” make me want to throw away my cameras and give up.  Terrazas – like any talented artist – simply enables you to see more clearly.  Definitely give them a look; I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Forehead slapper:  I never realized that Lifehacker, a site I frequently link to in these roundups, has a travel section.  Learn a few new travel hacks there, and make sure you check out the comments following each article – they usually are just as valuable as the articles themselves:  Lifehacker Travel

And now for something completely ridiculous but loaded with fun:  The Top 10 Low Pass Flybys of All Time

Let’s be thankful these guys aren’t commercial pilots.  Have a great week!

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1 Comment on Links Roundup: end of summer edition

  1. Scott says:

    Guys who fly those kinds of jets are seriously bad-asses. And the guy in #3 who let one fly right over his head is crazy. Great video!


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