As mentioned here a few weeks ago, I’ve been experimenting with an iPad that’s on loan from our IT department. In truth, I basically grabbed it one day and have thus far seemingly escaped the attention of the IT Overlord. This post (being composed on the device in question) won’t help.

This will hardly be a full review, in any sense. First, typing on the virtual keyboard is way too time consuming; were I to keep the iPad, I’d most definitely have to get the Bluetooth keyboard. Typing these three sentences took at least (it seemed) a couple of minutes.

That said, a few observations:

  • The screen is fantastic: clear, luminous, and bright
  • Battery life is impressive, although I haven’t made an effort to formally measure it.
  • As a book reader – I downloaded the Kindle app – it’s fine, although I should mention that I’ve not really used a Kindle
  • No USB, no Flash, sigh
  • I can wirelessly print to my network printer at home, thanks to Print Central – very handy! -I’ve downloaded 7 seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Pat and I have watched episodes on planes, in airports, and at home, as well as a couple of movies
  • Speaking of which, the Netflix app is neat: I can update my queue and watch movies instantly, and they are crystal clear
  • I’ve discovered some fantastic time wasters such as Angry Birds – damn the people who created that game!
  • Personal and work email are easy to check
  • Perhaps an unfair comparison, but viewing email attachments (Excel and Word files, for instance) is easy, unlike on my BlackBerry or iPod Touch
  • Many of the travel-related apps for the Touch that vie written about before are available for the iPad, but some are not; perhaps they will be, eventually
  • The inability to multitask is a big downer. Switching from one program or app to another requires closing the first, then opening the new item; to go back to the first, if a password is required, you may have to log back on
  • I’ve not yet tried syncing or downloading photos to the iPad, mostly because I don’t have the cable and, uh, it’s not mine. !

I’d love to report on how the 3G network works, but as I live in The Middle of Nowhere, AT&T does not (I am not making this up!) offer service in our zip code, so I’ve been unable to try it.

Overall, I like the iPad quite a bit.  Typing on it is a complete pain for anything more than a quick email, IMO, however.  As a reader, viewer, and information and entertainment device, it’s outstanding.  As a replacement for a net book, I’m nowhere ready to make the switch.

I’ll keep using it and may provide an update in the future; in the meantime, please feel free to comment if you’ve used an iPad – or even if you haven’t!

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6 Comments on Several weeks with an iPad – a sort of mini review

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  2. DannH says:

    As a LINUX/UNIX guy I have always viewed Apple products (and users) with distain. Then I got an IPad for my daughter who is physically and mentally handicapped and now I am a believer. I am thinking of building a shrine to Mr. Jobs in the corner of my living room.

    While I can’t speak to adult/business uses I have found the IPad to be the most fantastic tool for handicapped kids I have seen. We have been trying to teach my daughter how to add and subtract for the last 3 years. Using a couple of math apps, she learned how in less than 2 weeks. Similar things have happened with sorting and categorizing as well as word recognition.

    The teachers and staff at my daughter’s special ed. department have drank the cool-aid as well and are trying to get the school to buy some IPads for the students to use and in the mean time are pushing any parent they think can afford it to buy one for their child

    As much as it hurts my pride to say something like this about an Apple product I have to categorize the IPad as the best purchase I have ever made.


  3. Michael W. says:

    Well an iPad is still too pricey for me (but great to hear it will run video – my netbooks won’t!) but I DID order the new iPod Touch to get my hands on the new sharper screen…I’ll let you know how that works out.


  4. Andy Wergedal says:

    I love my iPad 3G. I agree that checking work and personal email is easy.

    With simplenote I have a way to write and keep every note I have taken on each project. Easy search, auto-save, auto-sync to the internet, makes simplenote the best text app for me.

    Add in some time wasters, informational apps and netflicks it is a great device.

    BTW I actually like typing on it and use it frequently to take notes in meetings, write proposals and draft posts.

    If you need to do more than just entering text you should consider getting a bluetooth keyboard. The keyboard offers some additional editing functionality that the screenboard does not. Namely arrow keys to move around the text.


  5. Andy Wergedal says:

    Oh, with the camera connection kit, you get a USB connector that works with just about every USB.

    Flash is a whole different story.


  6. Rick Popowitz says:

    I purchased the IPAD 1 day after it first hit the market. My purchase decision was based on the hope that I could avoid the need to travel with a Macbook Pro laptop. I was wrong. I still travel with my laptop. The IPAD is great for checking and writing brief emails and surfing the web. However the IWORK apps (each $10) are a real disappointment. I find them hard to use and difficult to save and send to colleagues or to my own primary computer.

    This said, I love my iPAD as a device for sitting on the crunch or bed and casually reading/writing an email or surfing the web. I also love the fact that I can watch (Netflix) movies anywhere there is a WI-Fi connection. The IPAD is also a great reading device. On a typical day I use the IPAD 2-3 hours.

    What I would like to see in the next generation IPAD is front and back facing cameras (to allow for Facetime chats), a USB port and the option to connect to a wireless card when desired.

    Overall I would give the IPAD 4 stars out of 5.


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