…and please, Person Who Writes Caution Label Copy For A Living, why are “OPEN” and “IN” in quotation marks?  Do you not understand that they are not only unnecessary, but in fact imply the opposite of what you intend to say?   “Good” work!

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3 Comments on Is this warning label really necessary?

  1. Mardee says:

    Unfortunately, most of those instructions are written because there are people who cannot perform simple functions or think logically… :)


  2. K-eM says:

    If McDonald’s can be sued for serving hot coffee to a lady who was clumsy enough to spill it, anything is possible.

    The amount of copy that must be created in order to avoid possible litigation by those who are always looking for someone upon which to take out their frustrations is getting ridiculous.


  3. pepepaco says:

    I think they are two advises on one, because the red sign CAUTION refers to not drop cigars into the trash, in the second one, if you use only one hand the tap will trap the paper before it made it through, so you will end pushing your hand beyond the tap and you hand could be trapped, or you may get a cigar burn…


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