If you occasionally bookmark recipes on sites like allrecipes.com, foodnetwork.com, epicurious, and others, you owe it to yourself to take a few minutes to check out Beta site Plummelo.

How the site works is simple:  once you’ve created a FREE account and installed a simple widget (doing both takes just seconds), when you find a recipe you want to save, just click on the Plummelo browser button, and it’s saved instantly (ReadItLater users, note: it functions in exactly the same way).

Your recipes are stored in your account, and if you wish, you can also view recipes that other Plummelo users have saved.  At present, Plummelo works with 41 popular recipe sites, and its developers are adding new sites each week.  Here’s a quick shot of some of the recipes I’ve saved into my Plummelo account:

As you can see, there’s a “Shopping List” button which adds any recipe you wish to, what else, your grocery list.  As with some recipe sites, one of the slickest features is that you can scale recipes right in your shopping list.  In this case, I’ve doubled the recipe so that it will serve 8 (vs. 4 as originally written):

When you print your list, it is configured in a handy supermarket section-by-section format:

The site will shortly add a Meal Planning feature, which should boost its usefulness considerably.  Also of note is the site’s blog; if you’re a foodie, check out Plummelo’s Facebook page as well.  As of right now, the site is Free and without ads, although it’s likely it’ll feature advertisements in the longer term.

You can check out Plummelo by clicking here:  Plummelo – Collect Recipes, Plan Meals, Get Shopping Lists

For a list of the recipe sites that are supported by Plummelo, click here.

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4 Comments on Collect online recipes, plan your shopping with Plummelo

  1. Adriano says:

    Very interesting site! I even didn’t know there were recipe websites…
    Maybe because I’m Italian. Everybody (with possibly one or two exceptions) thinks that their cuisine is the best in the world, but we, Italians, not only think that. We are sure that our dishes are the best in the Universe (I am confident that Vulcanians won’t be upset by this truth).
    We’ve been grown up with this dogma, so we (actually, our female counterparts) know how to cook perfectly without needing to look for (for us) useless indications on (for us) useless websites.

    ps: before a flame war breaks out, let me point this out: this is meant to be a self-ironic comment! ;-)


  2. Luke says:

    If you have multiple receipes tha tuse the same ingredient (eggs for instance), will it add them to one combined list? It looks it, just trying to confirm. Also, can you add things to the shopping list that aren’t necessarliy in one of your receipes, but you know you need?


    Kevin Reply:


    Yes, it combines items. You can add other items to the list, and if you already have something that’s required for a recipe, you can remove it. It’s pretty slick.


  3. Sue says:

    Epicurious offers a far superior site for recipes. Plummelo is always down or offline! Really not worth using.


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