An unexpected alchemy, certainly.  A week ago I ordered a set of cappuccino cups and saucers from, and they arrived yesterday.  I should note, incidentally, that I’ve never ordered anything from before.

Unpacking them, I discovered that one of the cups was chipped, and called the firm’s Customer Service department.  (I hoped they’d be able to send me a replacement cup, because I really didn’t feel like repacking everything and sending it back.)

Quickly connected to someone named Marie, I explained the situation, gave her my Order #, and wondered aloud what our options were.  She put me on hold for a few moments, came back and said, “No need to send them back; we’ll send you another set, free of charge.  Sorry for the trouble.”

And that…  is how you turn a cup into a customer, and I told Marie as much before we ended our conversation.

It’s easy to boast of a “100% Satisfaction Guarantee,”  but it’s quite another thing to deliver – without prompting – on that promise.

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