Just a quick note – the bag that practically defines value in budget carry-ons – the OPEC, is no longer available at Campmor, but OutdoorPros.com is selling it for $41.90 – still a steal at that price!  See it here:  OPEC @ OutdoorPros.com

12.5.2010 Update: OutdoorPros.com no longer carries the OPEC.  Campmor now has a private label version of the bag available.  It’s $39.98, and you can see it here:  Campmor Essential Carry-On

3.5.2012 Update:  Appears to be no longer available.  Anywhere.  However:  check out the very similar but slightly smaller (18″) Goodhope Convertible, which sells for less than $30.  I haven’t used this bag – if you have, please comment! Thanks to reader Kat for the tip!!

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6 Comments on Outdoor Products Essential Carry-on update

  1. Sundeep says:

    Hello, I’m looking to replace my generic Target roller carryon with something better and stumbled upon the bag option instead. I don’t really fly or travel much in the normal way, but I do go out of town on mostly driving trips for work, so I would like to have something that would work in both cases.

    I’ve read all about the top flight options, red oxx and tom bihn, and the more affordable alternatives, patagonia and go lite, and figure I could try the lowest option OPEC first and see if and go from there. I really like the tri-star or air boss…So I’m trying to find the OPEC anywhere and its gone, BUT Campmor is now selling their own branded Essential Carryon…it looks just like the OPEC, and is most likey the OPEC rebranded for Campmor (the one pic is really bad and it sadly looks like it has a HUGE Campmor logo painted on its side). I think I’ll pull the trigger on it and see if it matches up to the pics in your reviews.
    It’s currently $39.98 on their site, FYI…



    Kevin Reply:

    Sundeep: The OPEC seems to have disappeared from the marketplace, except for the Campmor version. It definitely looks like the same bag!


  2. Judd says:

    Sadly it seems like Campmor has taken their version off the market as well. The link goes to a dead end and a search doesn’t turn anything up either.


  3. Kevin says:


    I’m afraid you’re right. Both Campmor and OutdoorPros don’t appear to offer it any longer. I couldn’t even find one on eBay!

    If anyone does find it, please let us know.

    I’ve updated all the posts to reflect this new info. Thanks, Judd.


  4. Kat says:

    My friend bought the Goodhope Convertible for ~$25, very similar bag and only weighs 2lbs.


    Kevin Reply:


    Thanks so much! I’ve updated the 3 posts which mention the OPEC. Great find!


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