A terrific rundown on the two new “Kin” phones from Microsoft over at Gizmodo; an excerpt:

So, you’ve probably sensed some tentativeness. I like the Kin. I like what Microsoft is doing with it, and even if the launch features are a bit thin, I think it’s probably—no, almost definitely—the best feature phone I’ve ever used. Here’s the problem: It’s not a feature phone. Who says? Cue Verizon…

What sort of phone would Microsoft develop? An intriguing one with at least one feature that’s a legitimate head slapper (check out “Studio”), but also with some significant holes.  Read the full review here –  Microsoft Kin Review:  the Best Cellphones You’ll Never Buy

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2 Comments on Gizmodo takes a look at the Microsoft Kin phone(s), launching Thursday

  1. Andy Mesa says:

    It sounds about as half-assed as I thought it would be. They’ll get it right after three revisions; long after anybody cared.


  2. Adriano says:

    Had to change my mobile today and found, among the other offers, that Nokia gives gps software and maps – for free!! Could it be new trend in the mobile phone industry?


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