As recently as early January, I was bemoaning the fact that the search function built into the theme I use for this site wasn’t particularly effective.   Yesterday, I noticed – or more accurately,  actually paid attention to – a Google-powered search engine on a blog I occasionally visit.     I’d seen similar widgets on other sites without investing a lot of thought into what they were or how they got there.  Yes, I know:  duh.

Yesterday, the proverbial light bulb went on, albeit a bit dimly.  “Uh, that says Google.  Can I add one of those to my site?” I wondered.

So, I Googled “add Google search widget to blog,” found a link, and the result of perhaps 15 minutes of work now appears on the site in the rightmost column.  Of course after I added the widget I had to figure out how to get rid of the standard search feature built into the site’s theme, and had utterly no idea of how to do that.  I got lucky:  in the site’s sidebar.php file I found some code that looked like it controlled the search feature and deleted it.  After one additional tweak, it was gone and everything seemed to work ok.

Speaking of working:  the new search feature works really well.  Now when you search for “Air Boss,” my Air Boss review comes up first.  Ya gotta love Google.   Give it a try!

Now on to a few interesting articles I’ve come across recently

Stunning:  The best National Geographic photos of the year – at Picking a favorite is difficult, as nearly all are extraordinary.   Give it a look – I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Sticking with photos for a moment, check out Abandoned Places: 10 Creepy, Beautiful Modern Ruins @ THECOOLIST*

BootsnAll Travel highlights 12 Less Visited Countries and Why You Should Go There Now.  Not sure North Korea is high on my list; there are some intriguing suggestions in the article.

I was unaware of this; perhaps you are as well:  during World War II certain U.S. factories and airports were camouflaged with elaborate netting systems which made them appear as residential neighborhoods.  Sociological Images posted several photos, some of the “Before” and “After” comparisons, in this fascinating piece:  Camouflaging Airports and Plants During WWII.

An impressive (and reasonably affordable) new Leica compact digital is featured in Business Traveller’s most recent Technology Round-up; they also highlight a new Asus laptop (they inexplicably refer to it as a notebook) with solid specs and graphics capabilities.

Have a great week!

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