Per the TSA Blog, you no longer need to remove netbooks, Kindles, iPads, and similar devices from your bag for screeningSee below; click on the image for the full blog post & numerous comments (many of which have clearly not been written by big TSA fans – check them out)!

NOTE:  TSA agents are still being trained on this new policy, so you still may encounter agents who are unaware of the new approach…

Have you tried not producing your netbook or similar device at the TSA checkpoint?  If yes, or you’d otherwise like to offer an opinion, please comment!

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2 Comments on TSA Blog: no need to remove netbooks, e-readers for screening

  1. Andy Wolber says:

    I wish this policy existed in practice, not just on paper.

    On April 11 in the Atlanta, GA airport, I left my Toshiba NB205 netbook in my carry-on bag (and in an outer pocket, as well) but was asked by the TSA agents to remove it.



    Kevin Reply:

    My dad used to say, “If the government was in charge of making shoes, we’d all be barefoot.” If you read the comments on the TSA blog post, they announced this on their blog before all TSA agents had been informed/trained. Brilliant!


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