A week ago I announced that the reader who submitted the best safety/security tip for travelers would win a Mini Messenger Bag from boutique bag maker Tucker & Bloom.

In all there were 30 entries from both regular commenters & subscribers, as well as several new commenters.

As the week progressed, I frankly didn’t pay much attention to the tips themselves, wanting to wait until Sunday evening to review them.  All in all, it’s a great collection of thoughts and tips, and I definitely will need to pull them together in a post along with a few other ideas of my own.

As for the winning tip, I was hoping for one which would be universally applicable, whether you’re a backpacker, solo traveler, or traveling with kids, and I was looking for something novel or at least a tip I hadn’t heard or read about in the past.

Reader Mark is our winner, and here’s his tip:

The absolute best tip is “Be Prepared for the Worst”.

You should have a back up plan for restoring all valuable and essential things. Examples:

– Leave photo copies of all important documents in a safe location online (email account, website server, dropbox, etc.) This includes passport, immunization booklet, insurance information, contact information, photos of all claimable items should you need to make an insurance claim, etc.

– Buy travel insurance. Accidents happen. Thefts and robberies happen. If you have insurance you will be prepared, and will have peace of mind allowing you to travel more freely and confidently.

Have multiple bank accounts. Designate one account as your travel account. You only carry a bank card for this account when traveling. As the cash in this account gets low, you transfer funds online into it from your main account. This will prepare you in case your travel account gets drained (by a hacked atm, a secuestro express, etc.)

No matter how much planning or foresight you use, accidents, robberies, etc. can and do happen. And when they happen, it’s often not as you expected. I’ve been through a fair share of them myself. “Be prepared”, hope for the best, and enjoy yourself.

Although Mark offered a few tips, he wins on the strength of his multiple bank account suggestion.  It’s an idea virtually anyone could use, and one I haven’t come across in the past.

I’ve emailed Mark to notify him that he’s the winner, and will ship out the Tucker &  Bloom bag today or tomorrow.

I want to thank all of you for taking the time to share your tips and great ideas.  Let me know if you enjoyed this post, and if the overall reaction is positive, we’ll do it again.

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