I hesitate to write this for fear that we’ll be hit with an 18″ snowfall once these words publish, but spring has finally arrived here in The Middle of Nowhere.  It’s been in the 70’s much of this week and we’re finally back on the course.  Normally my game is ragged in the early spring, but this year I’ve picked up right where I left off last November:  I’m playing well.  I’ve played 4 rounds at our home club, and shot 79-77-75-72 (in that order).

One of the highlights of our season takes place in Des Moines – two of us drive east 5 hours, and two friends drive west 5 hours from Chicago – and we have a 3 day/4 round slugout on 3 different courses in the Des Moines area (which actually has several outstanding courses).  This is year 3 of the “Kev-Mar Open” (does this require explanation? – My buddy in Chicago is named Mark), and although Team West won the first year, we blew a 2 day lead on day 3 last year to lose.  It was a long and bitter ride home – and winter!

If I’m playing this well in March, we’ll do some serious damage in Des Moines this year…

Those of you who don’t play golf are likely scratching your heads at this point, so let’s move on to some interesting articles I’ve run across in the last week or so:

Twilight of the Travel Guidebook? is a thought provoking piece by travel writer (and guidebook author!) David Page.  He states:   “Now, finally, in the age of GPS, Wi-Fi, googlemaps and lithium-ion batteries, maybe it’s time we let it go.”  Whether you’re a traveler or writer, it’s an interesting read – from Matador Network.

When Airlines Punish Customers for Their Own Mistakes delves into one of the reasons many of us complain about airlines – they tend to punish us for their mistakes.   By Scott McCartney @ the WSJ’s “Middle Seat Terminal” blog.

Not-So-Flattering Views of European Landmarks is a fascinating audio-video essay on the futility of trying to capture “picture postcard” images of famous sites, and what truly gives our journeys their meaning.  Doug Mack @ WorldHum.

Here’s some fun:  The World’s 18 Strangest Airports from “Popular Mechanics”.  If nothing else, make sure you check out the video of #7 on the list, Courchevel International Airport, in Courchevel, France:  it’s rather amazing!

Finally, something completely different, but you may find this NYT piece helpful:  How the Health Care Overhaul Could Affect You.  It’s straightforward and concise, both of which are good things in my book.

…and on that note, have a great rest of the week and weekend!

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2 Comments on Links roundup: “on an early (golf) season tear” edition

  1. Berg says:

    Wow, Kevin, you’re a very good golfer. I think Ray Romano started seeing Hank Haney just so he could consistently break 80! I’ve only been playing a year, and I’m really not that good, but golf does draw in the masochistic side of us, just for that one perfect shot every now and then…

    The European Landmarks piece was very entertaining. I often have to remind myself on trips to put down the camera and just absorb the environment; it’s so easy to get caught up in documenting the place where you’re standing that you forget to take a deep breath and enjoy it. We spend so much time trying to crop out tourists from our photos that we sometimes forget that they make up as much of the experience as the thing we are trying so desperately to photograph. I say, take one or two photos, then put down the camera and look around. :-)


    Kevin Reply:


    You’re right… the game will play with you, seeming to give you enough to make you come back. It’s a marvelous game but can certainly be maddening! The real downside is that it requires a lot of time…

    Your point about sites and landmarks is a good one, and is exactly what Doug is getting at in his article. Thanks for commenting!


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