It appears as though our long, bleak winter may finally be near its end.  It was about 55* today, and the forecast for tomorrow calls for a high of around 65*.   This is good news.  The not so good news, if you’re a follower of this blog, is that I’ll soon be transitioning into my good weather/summer posting schedule.

Although I tried to post with some frequency last year during the not-quite-so-horrible-months, this year I intend to post only once or twice a week.  Honestly, I’m too swamped at work and a bit fried around the edges to do everything I need (and want) to do during the good weather months AND post once per day.

I’ll continue to share smaller items of interest via the Forum, but as far as blog posts are concerned, it’ll likely be one longer post per week plus a roundup.

I’m no less committed to Practical Hacks than I’ve been in the past, but it’s very difficult to juggle my varying professional and personal responsibilities, particularly when the decent weather comes.  I’ll have a chance to finally run outside again, and of course as many of you know, I’m an avid golfer and play a few times per week, weather permitting.

One thing I don’t especially care for is cluttering up the site with throwaway or “retread” posts, and that is frankly a temptation when the things I have to do outnumber the hours I have available.  Rather than do that, I’m going to opt for one longer piece or review each week, plus one shorter piece.  Quality trumps quantity in my book; I hope you feel the same way.

And so, I hope you’ll hang in with me as we make this change.

Thanks for being here and reading this; I deeply appreciate your support.



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2 Comments on Slowly shuffling toward our summer posting schedule

  1. Gary Williams says:

    The good news for us readers is that where you live, the summer hiatus can’t possibly last all that long. :-)


    Kevin Reply:

    Ha. Sadly enough, you’ve got a good point. Thanks, Gary.


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