This has been a winter that started early, was instantly cold and cruel, and hasn’t let up one bit since.  No January thaw, none of those freakishly warm, 60° days in February, no relief whatsoever.   In the last week or two I’ve seen a couple of robins and heard the eerie wail of the Sandhill Cranes returning from Canada, so the end must be near, but it hardly seems it.

A week ago, trying to force things a bit, a few friends and I traveled an hour to one of the few courses in the area which, despite all odds and common sense, had opened for the day.  As we walked off 18 green, it was cloudy, windy, and 41°F.  It wasn’t exactly a Chamber of Commerce day.

But spring must be coming, yes??  I hope so; this has been a long one.

With no golf to play and little else to do except read and plan our upcoming trip, I’ve a few moments here and there to scour the web in a search for interesting articles for you; I hope there’s something here to your liking…

We start not with a post, but a wonderful four sentence quote about travel and home from A.A. Gill, discovered at VagabondingTravel and home are invariably intertwined.

Perhaps you missed this article at The New York Times – it seems some student travel agencies are extending their discount rates to older, non-students; check it out – it may save you some serious dollars:  Student Rates for the Young at Heart

Not sure how, but I stumbled upon this listing of the best travel writing blogs at; I’d wager you’re not familiar with all of them:  10 Great Travel Writing Blogs

OK, admittedly a bit of a departure:  this is an article which appears on the website for No Jet Lag, a product offered by Magellan’s and which promises to…  well, need I spell it out??  Curious:  have any of you actually used this stuff?  The reviews at Magellan’s are positive; there’s also an article from my old home town newspaper, the Albany (NY) Times Union.  Let me know if you have!  How to reduce jet lag?

Here’s one from for all of you traveling gourmands and gastrophiles:  Cheap destinations for the traveling stomach

I love Lifehacker.  Each weekend I peruse their “best of the week” rundown, and there are always some gems.  Here’s an article that’s especially apropos for my readers:  The Best Tools for Hacking Your Next Big Conference. There are tips on planning, travel gear, and useful apps; check it out!

If you’re a solo traveler, check out this piece from, where else, the Solo Traveler blogHow to Travel Alone: tips for the shy solo traveler. In an interesting twist, the author addresses how to travel solo if you want to keep to yourself, OR socialize.

Aww, why do I do this to myself?!  I’ve already admitted here that I cringe every time I see a post about “XX essential travel gadgets,” but like a moth drawn to an open flame, here I go again:  18 Must-Haves for the Business Traveler, from the AmEx Open Forum.  Actually, the list isn’t all that bad; give it a quick look.  (The piece is from Nora Dunn of Wise Bread, by the way.)

Based upon the nearly palpable yawn that greets every post I’ve written about wine, I am guessing that not many of you are wine drinkers.  If I’ve demonstrated nothing else during my life, I’ve certainly established that I am completely untrainable.  So, I give you:  The 25 greatest cities in the world for drinking wine.  Give it a look – these cities presumably offer attractions other than wine!!

Have a great weekend – and keep your fingers crossed that spring somehow arrives here in the frozen tundra.   Soon.

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2 Comments on Links roundup – endless winter edition

  1. Berg says:

    My boyfriend too the jetlag pills on our flight to New Zealand last year; I chose to just try and sleep as much as possible. There really isn’t any way to tell if the pills really do work, IMO. Getting as much sleep as you can on your flights and adjusting your body and eating schedule to the local time as soon as possible are the best ways to beat initial jetlag. That, and getting a good night’s sleep after you arrive helps, too. Some others swear by melatonin. I happen to believe avoiding jetlag altogether is sort of impossible.

    Of course, if you want to give the pills a chance, go for it. I beleive they’re relatively harmless.


  2. Thanks for the mention of my article on AMEX! I figure that with your dislike of roundup-style articles, your mention is the best compliment I could receive! Cheers. (smiles)


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