A couple of months ago I posted about the 60+ RSS feeds I use to stay up to date, thinking that you might find some of the related sites of interest.  There’s a simpler tool I use which features many of the same feeds:  My Alltop.

Most of you will remember that Alltop is a feed aggregator, arranged by topic (Travel, Food, Personal Finance,- the list is very extensive); what you may be unaware of is that you can create a customized Alltop with feeds you select.  If you’re interested, here’s a link to (my customized) My Alltop; it’s not as extensive as what I do with iGoogle, but it does include about 35 feeds from sites I enjoy.  Note that I tweak the feeds every few weeks, so it’s not static.  If you find it intriguing, I’d invite you to create your own.

That said, on to some links to interesting articles I’ve recently discovered

Chris Guillebeau recently covered several Tips for Stress-Free Travel.   It’s a good list, and in typical AONC fashion, he surprises with a couple like “Spend More Money;” check it out.

Continuing on this theme, SpotCoolStuff-Travel recently featured an article entitled, “7 Items for Reducing Air Travel Frustration;” as with all such product lists, I could quibble with one or two, but overall it’s a good list and includes at least one item I hadn’t seen before.

Closing out the travel ease/reducing stress theme, Soul Travelers 3 recently shared some ideas about making family travel go as smoothly as possible:  10 Best Tips for Family-Friendly Travel.  They ought to know:  this family is on a multi year, multi continent adventure; if you haven’t checked out their blog, it is definitely worth a visit!!

Our friend Beth Whitman of Wanderlust and Lipstick recently featured a couple of creature comforts aimed, of course, at women travelers:  WanderGear Wednesday – Creature Comforts.  Beth’s a veteran traveler and knows her stuff; check it out.

Yet another article about sites that seek to return the best fares for air travel, but this is a good one from The New York TimesSites That Do Your Fare Digging.   They cover a number of sites we’ve written about here, including Momondo.  The winner???  Begins with an “F.”  The verdict:  there still is no such thing as a true “one stop shop” for comparing fares, so if you want the best price, you’ll need to do some digging – on at least a couple of different sites.

Finally, this is exactly what I’m doing as we prepare for our trip to Italy, also from the NYTTravel Sites or Guide Books:  Why Not Dip Into Both? If you’re curious, here are the resources we’re using most often as we plan our trip:  Rick Steves Italy 2010,  Frommers Guide to Italy 2010, and  TripAdvisor.  There are others, but these have emerged as our “go to” resources.

In closing, a word about upcoming reviews:  I’ll be taking a look at a daypack from PacSafe, an interesting twist on backpacks from a firm called Ivar (thanks to Miguel Marcos for this find!!), a high end small messenger bag from a very unique firm in NYC, and one or two high quality alternatives to the Apple ear buds that come with the iPhone and iPod Touch…  stay tuned.

Have a great weekend!!

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6 Comments on Links Roundup: My Alltop edition

  1. Mike V says:

    RE: your Italy research: I’ve traveled a great deal, and I honestly find Rick Steves’ books the most concise, useful things out there. We even bring the book with us. They ain’t light, so you know they have to be good!

    BTW, Italy is my favorite destination. Feel free to contact me to bounce ideas as you plan.


    Kevin Reply:


    Thanks so much for your generous offer… I’ll be in touch if I have any questions.



  2. Adam Schwartz says:

    Hi Kevin.
    For itouch, as I needed a mic for skype and didn’t want alluring white earbuds-for thiefs and wanting to avoid yuppieness, i got 25 buck smoking buds earbuds. black, small, GREAT mic. on/off song button on cord.


    Kevin Reply:


    Thanks – I’ll check them out. I am looking at Ultimate Buds & Klipsch.



    Kevin Reply:


    I received a pair of Ultimate Buds today, and have requested a sample pair of the Smokin Buds w/ mic. Apparently the bass is quite pronounced with the Smokin Buds. I’m also looking at the Klipsch S4i’s – which come with the mic and volume control.

    Oddly enough, I have a cheap (~$20) pair of Altec-Lansing buds that have massive bass for buds. …but they don’t have the pause/volume/mic that I’ve grown accustomed to.

    The Altec-Lansing wood finish buds mentioned above: http://is.gd/8ORg4

    The Ultimate Buds w/ Future Sonics FS1’s: http://is.gd/8ORu4

    The Klipsch S4i’s: http://is.gd/8ORGR

    Thanks again.


  3. Hi Kevin,

    Some how I just saw this and wanted to thank you for the mention! I’m honored to be on your Alltop list.

    Hope you had a ball in Italy!


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