Another option for storing (and sharing) files online, for free (basically – read on for details).   Google & Gmail users:  Google Docs has made “Upload any file” available.  When signed in, click on “My Account,” then select “Docs.”  You’ll see an introductory message like this:

Using the service is intuitive and easy.  You’ll have the option of uploading files in their original formats, or converting to Google Docs formats.  You can store files up to 250MB in size for free, and are allotted 1GB of free storage space.  You can upload any file types you wish – MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel; flv files; music files – whatever you wish.  If you require more than a GB of space, it’s available for a fee.  Costs are $5 per year per 20GB of space.

Click on this link for Google’s overview of the service:  Uploading any file

If you need to work on a work-related file at home, instead of saving it on a thumb drive, just save it to Docs and access it via your Google account when you get home.

EDIT: BTW, you can view files on your iPhone or 3rd gen iPod Touch, and of course can email them.  I have found that I can edit Excel files on my iPod Touch, but cannot modify Word docs.  I also can view pdf files on the Touch.

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4 Comments on Google Docs’ “Upload any file” now available

  1. Till says:

    That is very good to know. It would be interesting to do a comparison between Google Docs and services like Sugar Sync and Drop Box. These add sync functionality with two or more computers and up to 2GB are free.

    Did you ever try Documents to Go for the Iphone? I think it should work with the iTouch, too, not sure, though.



    Kevin Reply:

    Till, I haven’t yet tried Documents to Go… I will. I tried accessing Docs with my Blackberry and I can see the files, but with the tiny screen and the Blackberry’s browser, it’s not very useful. The iPod Touch is a different story – much easier to see and manipulate files. Why am I not surprised? I’m getting a Blackberry Tour soon… perhaps it’ll be better… ?


  2. Steve says:

    Kevin, are you buying the Tour or is it coming from your corporate IT? If you are buying it, wait. The Tour2 should be coming out soon and should be better. Tour2 will have WiFi and a trackpad rather than a trackball.


    Kevin Reply:

    Steve: Corporate. Perhaps I can delay; I’ll see… Thanks!


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