"And So A Scratch Runs Down A Wall" - Image by Luis Carlos Araujo at FlickrEveryone knows you can delete several messages in Outlook all at once by highlighting them and hitting the “Delete” key, but what do you do if you need to forward a number of Outlook messages to someone?

Each year we conduct a satisfaction survey with our customers, and each year 50-60 emails will bounce back to my In Box as Undeliverable.  I need to forward them to one of our Marketing Managers for follow-up, but how does one do this quickly??

Simple.  Highlight the messages by using the Ctrl key and/or Shift key.  Right click somewhere on one of the highlighted messages.  Select “Forward” (it’ll actually say “Forward Items” or “Forward Objects” or something to that effect).  Next:  carefully select your victim, er, recipient.  Click “Send.”  Delete the messages from your In Box.  Done.

Bonus Tip:  Ever delete a message in Outlook and a split second later wish you hadn’t?  Hit Ctrl-Z to retrieve it.

Have any killer Outlook tips?  Please share by commenting.

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2 Comments on Batch forward email messages in Outlook

  1. tfar says:

    Good tip. Thanks! But what about the person who made the image. I clicked on it and saw some others. Those are quite good. Is he a graphic designer or an artist?


  2. Kevin says:


    I honestly don’t know. He’s someone I stumbled upon on Flickr. There’s some amazing work on Flickr, almost all of it done by people who receive little recognition. Thanks for noticing his work!!


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