We all have a lot of interests and passions, but at times it seems as though there’s less and less time available to pursue them or keep abreast of developments.

One of the ways I’m able to scan a lot of information in a short time is by fully utilizing RSS feeds displayed in my iGoogle homepage.  Click on the image below, and you’ll see just a handful of the RSS feeds I scan each day.

RSS Feeds - Excerpt - iGoogle homepage

My favorite feeds – Travel

Want to keep abreast of developments with travel, airlines, or the hottest topics on FlyerTalk?  Here are the feeds I glance at each day to see what’s happening in the world of travel:

Blogging and Writing

Mind you, I don’t necessarily visit all of these sites – I don’t that much time! – but if something interests me, I’ll take a quick peek.  If it turns out to be something I want to read, I’ll make sure to revisit the site that evening.  The next group of sites are writing and blogging oriented:


Lifehacker tops this list as it’s still, in my opinion, the best of the lifehack-type blogs, albeit with a strong technical bias.


These are feeds from several sites that are loosely lifestyle oriented, although it’s difficult to pigeon hole some of these.

Apps and Software

I pick up on a lot of interesting/new pieces of software via MakeUseOf.com‘s  daily email updates.  Some of these are obviously iPod Touch oriented…

Gadgets & Technology

Honestly, I just scan these and visit the sites quite infrequently.  But once in a while there’s something that catches my eye…



Again, I only visit these sites when a feed delivers something that looks particularly interesting:


These feeds and sites don’t conveniently fit the categories listed here, but there are some gems on this list:

  • Seth’s Blog –  Seth Godin’s blog on marketing, communication, and life in general
  • WineLibraryTV – The irrepressible Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Penelope Trunk’s Brazen Careerist – I used to be turned off by some of P.T.’s posts, but her recent romantic mishaps and (always) frankness have won me over
  • Kottke.org – Jason Kottke’s eclectic blog about cultural matters
  • ChrisBrogan.com – SEO/social media maniac Chris Brogan’s blog
  • Get Rich Slowly – J.D. Roth’s personal finance blog
  • How to Change the World – Guy Kawasaki’s blog
  • Gmail – lets me see at a glance what’s in my In Box  (When in Gmail, just click on the RSS icon in the address bar.  You can preview and delete messages from iGoogle – very handy!)
  • Marketwatch – lets me see at a glance how much money I’ve lost
  • Weather – let’s me see at a glance…  uh, you get the picture

This list is by no means static; I’ll see a site that looks interesting, monitor its feed for a few weeks, and it may or may not make the cut; the list is constantly changing.

How often do I look at my iGoogle page? During the day at work, I’ll glance at it perhaps once every couple of  hours, primarily to check if there are emails in my Gmail In Box.  If something in one of the feeds looks really interesting, I’ll make a mental note to check it out that evening.  My basic message here is that this does NOT consume a lot of time – at allIt’s just a great way to quickly scan the feeds from ~60 sites for anything that looks interesting.  During an average day, I frankly only click on feed links to perhaps 8-10 of the ~60 sites listed here.

If you don’t use iGoogle, Google Reader, or a similar product, try one out.  Although the image at the top of the post shows all of the feeds displaying the 3 most recent posts or updates, I vary the settings for each feed quite a bit.  Something like Boarding Area, for instance, I have set to display the 9 most recent posts.

If you’d like to learn a bit more about RSS in general, click on the “Subscribe” button at the top of this page – it links to an article which explains RSS in detail.

Finally, are there feeds you use to monitor sites that are particularly interesting – and which may be of interest to your fellow PH readers?  If yes, please share your favorites by commenting!

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18 Comments on 60+ RSS feeds I use every day to stay up to date

  1. Michael W. says:


    This post will keep me busy…and entertained…for quite a while.



  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Ross Goodman and kalyan inampudi, Ryan K Jones. Ryan K Jones said: 60+ RSS feeds I use every day to stay up to date http://bit.ly/5glnxr […]

  3. Bob Adams says:

    Thanks Kevin,

    never used RSS feeds before but your post has awakened a cruel sense of interest in me :-)

    I know I’m going to regret it!!!



  4. Jordan Satok says:

    Hey Kevin,

    I’m the founder of App of the Day, and I really appreciate the mention. Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions or suggestions!


    Jordan Satok


    Kevin Reply:


    Thanks – love the site!


    Jordan Satok Reply:

    Hey Kevin,

    I recently updated the App of the Day RSS feed style. What do you think?


    Jordan Satok


  5. Gennice says:

    Pretty good list.

    I didn’t follow some of these, but I think I might give them a try…

    And thanks for mentioning Gnoted! :)


    Kevin Reply:


    No problem,- and thanks for visiting!


  6. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by RossGoodman: Reading : 60+ RSS feeds I use every day to stay up to date: We all have a lot of interests and passion.. http://bit.ly/8OKTBn

  7. Cranky Flier says:

    Thanks for mentioning my site, The Cranky Flier in your feed list. Just a note – I’m based in the US – Southern California to be exact!


    Kevin Reply:

    Cranky –

    Sorry about that! UK or US, I love your blog. Thanks for visiting!



  8. Tim L. says:

    Kevin, thanks a bunch for including Practical Travel Gear. There are three of us well-traveled bloggers doing the reviews, which helps immensely in keeping up the frequency. Glad you like it! And now I’m adding your feed to my reader…


    Kevin Reply:


    Thanks much for visiting & subscribing! Happy New Year to everyone @ Practical Travel Gear!


  9. Baker says:

    Thanks for the mention! Honored to be included with the all the other top notch blogs!

    Keep rockin’!



  10. Allan says:

    Hey Kevin. If you have the time, can you explain how you manage to get your feeds to display in individual boxes on your igoogle page. I just seem to be able to see them aggregated in a single box, which doesn’t help for scanning. I use Outlook for RSS usually, but many sites don’t have a feed for Outlook so a move to google might be the solution, if I can just better organise it like you do. Thanks, and regards, Allan


    Kevin Reply:


    Hmm… there’s no secret or anything. When I click on a site’s feed, I first select “Subscribe with Google,” and then select “Add to Google to Google Homepage.” Do NOT select “Add to Google Reader” if you want them to display like the image in the post.

    I hope this helps!!


    Allan Reply:

    Ah. Thanks Kevin. For some reason I wasn’t getting the choice of Home Page or Reader. It was just going straight to the Reader. Got it working now. Thanks for this, it really improves the RSS experience.




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