"wave-y blue bubble sky" by lookseeseen @ FlickrIf you’re a recent subscriber to Practical Hacks, you probably haven’t read many of the articles in the site’s archives.  In this recurring feature, I feature a handful of articles from one year ago:

I use this simple tool every day, without exception.  I’ve installed it on my desktop and our netbook.  What is it?  A tiny snippet of code which enables you to jump from anywhere on a site to its homepage.  I’m confident that if you try it, you’ll love it too ~  Firefox, IE users:  jump to any site’s home page in an instant!

Maybe it’s not wise to post this right on the heels of my article about great gifts for travelers, but this piece was a reaction to all those articles that appear, claiming to list essential gadgets for people who travel.  Most are just loaded with crap, and I had some fun at the beginning of this post with a couple of the more ridiculous items that had made someone’s list ~ The no BS list of essential travel gadgets

Today (Sunday the 13th) I submitted an article to Ezine Articles about how to survive traveling during the holidays; I hope it’ll be published shortly and if it does, I’ll link to it.  In the meantime, this post included some TSA tips for what you can and can’t bring along when traveling at this time of the year ~ TSA Guidelines:  traveling with food or gifts during the holidays…

Hardly a site for occasional travelers, ExpertFlyer offers a ton of valuable info for road warriors.  If you’re on the road a lot, it’s definitely worth a look ~ ExpertFlyer.com:  a powerful tool for frequent flyers!

Finally, it took me a while to get around to adding this post (ha).  I think this was a solid article, and it generated a good deal of traffic and comments.  If you ever procrastinate, it may give you a helpful tip or two ~ 6 simple steps to conquer procrastination

I hope you find something that’s useful or enjoyable here; thanks for being here – I appreciate your support of the blog!

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2 Comments on The Practical Hacks Flashback: 5 great articles from one year ago

  1. Luke says:


    I had read the list for essential travel gadgets before, but never commented. Commenting here so that mor should see it. I found it interesting that 4 of the items on your list could be combined into one item. The phone, music player, GPS and camera could all be combined with the use of an iPhone or other smartphone. The only real I have used it for all four during travel, and it really cuts down on the clutter. The only time that I take a seperate camera is when I know that there will be something that I want to take pictures of, which doesn’t happen often when I am traveling for business. The GPS is accurate enough to get to right block on the correct side of the street, but doesn’t always route around closed roads.

    What do other readers think about this?


    Kevin Reply:


    Absolutely. Shows how much my perspective has changed in a year. An iPhone addresses a lot of the issues we deal with, for sure.


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