Three Coupons by RachelVoorhees @ FlickrJust a friendly reminder…  if you’re doing your holiday shopping online, as you complete the checkout process, don’t forget to check for discount or promo codes. If one of the checkout screens has a Promo Code or Discount Code field, open another tab and Google the name of the merchant and something along the lines of “promo code” or “coupon code.”

I was purchasing a pair of shoes from (Zappos didn’t carry this particular GoLite shoe) last night, and on one of the final screens there was a field for a Promotion Code.  So I Googled ‘ promotion code’ and quickly found a code for 20% off; as the shoes were a bit over $100, I saved myself $20+ for a few seconds’ effort.

There are a number of firms which track coupon codes –,,, and, among others – but I usually find it simplest to just do a quick Google search as described above.

Firefox users:  remember that a RetailMeNot add-on is available; it automatically prompts you when a code is available for the site you’re visiting.  Keep in mind, however, that its database may not include all sites; in the final analysis, a quick Google search is probably best.

The Fine Print:  I have no connection to any of the sites mentioned in this post.

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2 Comments on Christmas shopping online? Don’t forget to search for coupon codes

  1. Berg says:

    Forgot to say thanks for this tip! I do it all the time now. I figure, even if it works 50% of the time, that’s worth a few seconds to check out.


    Kevin Reply:

    Thanks, Berg… it’s a great habit to get into! So basic, but well worth the 20-30 seconds it takes. kc


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