Dynomighty Design Airmail Mighty WalletA week or so ago I stumbled across a mention of Dynomighty Design at FlyerTalk.  The firm specializes in wallets and luggage tags made from Tyvek – that super tough polymer that house wraps are made from.  It’s tough, lightweight, and water resistant…  as well as thin!  The firm’s “Mighty Wallets” are $15, and as I’ve mentioned before, I’m always on the lookout for thin wallets, so naturally I ordered one.

The “Airmail” Mighty Wallet is shown to the left.  Each wallet is made from a single sheet of Tyvek, and can accommodate your credit cards, business cards, and cash.

I opted for the “Explorer” wallet; here you can see just how thin each wallet is:

Explorer Wallet - side view

Here’s a shot of the wallet opened;

for all photos shown here, the wallet contained 5 credit cards, a driver’s license, medical insurance card, a couple of bills, and several small receipts :

Dynomighty Explorer Mighty Wallet

You can also store a few business cards in both ends; you can see them in the bottom opening in this shot:

Dynomighty Design wallet

A view of the two bill compartments:

Dynomighty Design Explorer Wallet

The wallets are available with a wide variety of graphics; this is just a partial listing (click for a close-up):

DynoMighty Wallet Styles

The designs are funky and hip; whether that suits your tastes is entirely up to you.

Another Dynomighty product of particular interest to travelers is their oversized luggage tags, which like the wallets, are available in numerous designs:

Dynomighty Design luggage tag

As these are unique and large, they represent a great way to help you quickly identify your luggage on the carousel. (If you check your bags!!)

You can check out Dynomighty Designs by clicking on the link in this sentence.  Wallets are $15; Luggage Tags are $10 for a set of ten.  My order arrived very quickly, by the way.  For the record, I have no connection to Dynomighty.

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3 Comments on Super lightweight, tough Tyvek wallet from Dynomighty Design

  1. David says:

    Have you tried All-Ett? I use their wallets and really like them. They are thin and strong.


    Kevin Reply:


    I haven’t, but will check them out. If anyone else wants to take a look at their line, here’s a link: http://www.all-ett.com/


  2. John says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for the Post.
    I have ordered two.
    Checked out the All-et link
    I’m sure someone will like it but But Dynomighty’s designs are so much more fun.
    Thanks again.


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