OP TECH Soft WrapsOP/TECH USA, manufacturers of the Absolute Strap for Tom Bihn, offer an interesting array of products for travelers and photographers.

Their Soft Wraps are lightweight foldable foam wraps that are secured with a hook and loop-type closure.  Offered in varying sizes and colors, $11.95 to $13.95.

Although I’m not a big fan of adding weight to my bag, these would be handy for affording a bit more protection to music players and point and shoot cameras, especially when traveling with soft sided bags.

Check them out here:  OP/TECH Soft Wraps

Please comment if you’ve used this or similar products. I have no connection with OP/TECH USA.

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4 Comments on Protect small electronics & valuables with Soft Wraps

  1. Till says:

    I do think these are quite nice and versatile. It’s a simple idea and those are usually good. However, if one were very weight conscious, one could just wrap a t-shirt around the fragile item and pack it in the case in a spot that is protected by the frame or by other clothes. This doesn’t add any weight and still protects the item. If you wanted to still use a packing aid, try poly bubble envelopes. I use one for my macbook 13 as a sleeve. Works great. Sturdy, waterproof to a certain point, protects well, super lighter, can be customized and labeled, easily replaceable and has another use if you are in need of an envelope or a funky hat. :)


  2. Michael W. says:

    I vote for the poly bubble wrappers, save them when you get them, or an envelope with bubbles.

    Wrapping in a tee shirt works…unless you forgot you have something wrapped in there and it tumbles out!


  3. Richard J Laue says:

    If you’re packing a spare pair of shoes, you can use them for extra protection of fragile stuff. Wrap your item(s) carefully in a sock or two, and then slip that bundle into the shoe.

    If the shoe’s gonna take up space — and they do! — make them earn their keep ….

    Cheers –


  4. Till says:

    Oh, yes, thanks for bringing the shoes up. I always use the shoes. I just transported some glass bottles in my shoes. Each bottle had bubble wrap around it and was held in place by socks in the toe and heel area. Worked flawlessly. If it hadn’t worked it would have been a massive mess because the bottles contained leather cleaning fluid and sole oil.

    It is true that stuff can fall out of a t-shirt when you don’t remember you put it in there. But then again stuff can fall out of the Optech sleeve if you are clumsy.


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