It’s probably obvious at this point that I’ve embarked upon a frequent flier mile kick, what with the British Airways 100K Visa sign on (times 2), the US Mint Presidential coin scheme, the 62,500 Hilton Honors Amex sign on bonus, and related posts.  Just yesterday I came across a deal that – bottom line – will enable you to (in essence) buy frequent flyer miles for .7 cents per mile.  That’s 7/10ths of a cent.  Which is pretty amazing.

Put another way, spend $360, and get 50,000+ miles – enough for two domestic round trip tickets.  Interested?

Rick Ingersoll, The Frugal Travel Guy, posted about it just yesterday.  US Airways is running a Holiday partner promotion, “Shop Your Way to a Bigger Bonus.”  Rick does a great job of explaining the promotion in his post, “A Big Win for US Airways Fans.”  For a thorough description of the promo and how to best utilize it, read Rick’s post.  Here’s my short and dirty version:

The basic premise of the promo is that by making 5 purchases with partner merchants during a specified timeframe, you’ll qualify for escalating frequent flyer mile bonuses based on your purchases.  At 5 purchases, the bonus maxes out at 250% of miles earned.

To fully leverage the promotion, you need to make 4 purchases of nominal amounts with 4 US Airways partner merchants, then make a much larger purchase with US Airways partner merchant TrackItBack for your 5th purchase.

TrackItBack awards 40 miles per dollar spent.  (Not a typo!)  As mentioned above, with your 5th purchase in this promotion, a 250% miles bonus kicks in.  If you spent $360 with TrackItBack as your 5th merchant in the promotion, you’d get 50,400 miles – enough for 2 domestic round trip tickets.

You can read about the promotion at the US Airways site by clicking here: Shop Your Way to a Bigger Bonus

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