Lot of knivesSo…  what does the TSA do with all those knives, scissors and multi-tools they confiscate at security checkpoints? I have no idea, but someone has a bunch of them and is auctioning “NTSA seizure” items on eBay.

The lot of 200 knives shown here is being auctioned at present, and the current high bid is less than $20 (the auction doesn’t end until 6 days from now).

In addition to a variety of knives – A LOT of knives (!), there are plenty of scissors, mulit-tools (Gerber and Leatherman), and a ton of Swiss Army knife/multi-tools.  You can see a listing of all such auctions by clicking here or here. (Or just search eBay for NTSA.)

If you’ve been dying to buy a Finnish Fish Filet knife or a handmade 10″ hunting knife (who does these things??!), here’s your big chance…   but please, just don’t try to bring it on a plane!

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