Uncle Jeff...  image by Clearly Ambiguous @ FlickrFirst we learn that bills often test positive for cocaine; now this:

Confirming what your mom told you or what you’ve intuitively known for years, researchers from the Medical Center of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio determined that dollar bills in circulation carry bacteria, including strains that cause sore throats, urinary tract infections and food poisoning.

According to Dr. Peter Ender (insert your own joke here), lead researcher, 94%  of the bills were contaminated with bacteria known to cause either serious or mild illness.  Of course there’s no way to tell how many people get sick from handling money, but the study’s results suggest that money could be a factor in many cases.  Short of swearing off all contact with paper currency, what can you do?

Mom told you this, too: Wash your hands frequently when handling cash, and in general.  Short of wiping down bills with antiseptic (like Monk would do) or quarantining your bills for 24 hours, simply washing your hands frequently is your best bet.

I’m out of pocket for a couple of days, on a short trip to Chicago.  I’m using the new MLC, and will post some brief comments sometime in the near future.

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  1. Michael W. says:

    Using the new MLC?


    (LOL, let us know what you think of it, I took mine up to Tahoe, which isn’t much of a challenge, but was pleased by its size – fit the cranny I had for it in the car easily, hauled out easily, lived out of it for two days. Although the ginormous computer slot continues to puzzle me – maybe it’s designed for bringing back pizza, warm, to the room?) (A WHOLE friggin’ pizza!)


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