Labour and Wait shopfront

Labour and Wait is a British business located in East London’s  market district, dedicated to offering “timeless and functional” products.   The firm’s founder is a cabinet maker by trade, and one of the products he created for the store is a handsome set of two screwdrivers made with beech handles:

elemen'tary screwdriver set

The original set was the product of his frustration as he was unable to find screwdrivers that met his requirements for comfort, quality, and simplicity.  Each handle is finished with linseed oil, and the set should last a lifetime.  Unfortunately, Labour and Wait does not ship outside the U.K.  I did find an eBay merchant selling this set for considerably less than the £38 (~$60) that Labour and Wait charges.  The set is available on eBay – at least as of this writing – for $38.40 + $8 shipping.  See it here:  elemen’tary design screwdriver set NEW beech and steel

The Fine Print:  I have no connection with Labour and Wait or the eBay seller referenced here

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