BeSafeBags logoDayMakers of Santa Barbara, a small firm that offers a varied line of  “Be Safe Bags” (backpacks, purses, shoulder bags & hip bags) with a special emphasis on security features, also offers a unique shoulder strap.

The company’s City Straps are positioned as replacement straps for camera bags, computer bags, and of course, luggage; available in Straight and “Comfort Curve” versions, the straps have a couple of noteworthy security features.

First, you’ll note that the snap hooks are covered by (removable) security sleeves to discourage prying fingers.   Incidentally, this is the strap made with a microfiber material; leather is also available at a higher price point:

DayMakers Comfort Curve Strap

In addition, the strap features a pair of 1/16″ thick aircraft steel cables which are sewn in to thwart thieves.  Despite the presence of the cables, it was easy to adjust the strap’s length…

Steel cable detail - DayMakers strap

I sampled the Comfort Curve version; as the name implies, the strap features an ergonomically designed, curved shoulder pad.  The underside of the pad is a slip-resistant, grippy material:

Underside of DayMakers "Comfort Curve" strap

As is the standard with all high quality straps, the plated hardware is robust, and should be compatible with most D- and O-Rings:

Daymakers shoulder strap - hardware detail

Best of all, these straps are very competitively priced. The straight strap (50″ in length, adjustable, microfiber material) is $16.  The Comfort Curve strap, available  in a couple of different lengths, is $16 in microfiber, and $30 (52″ long) and $32.50 (65″ long) in black leather.  (50″ should be adequate for all but NBA players.) These prices are for 1½” wide straps; there are a couple of narrower straps which I imagine are intended exclusively for camera or other small bags; their prices are under $14.  (Note that 1½” refers to the strap, not the shoulder pad width, which is 2¾”)

This pricing on the microfiber versions puts the DayMakers straps below nearly every other similar offering – Quake/Terragrip is $19.95, Briggs & Riley Flexible Shoulder Strap at $25, Bihn Absolute at $30, (the Bihn Basic strap is $10, but that’s a bare bones strap w/o the features of the DayMakers straps), the Victorinox Comfort Fit strap is $30.  And shipping is reasonable at DayMakers, as well:  shipping one strap to my address is $6.50 via USPS Priority Mail; BR wants $10.74 to ship a strap to the same address via UPS Ground.

In my view, the DayMakers strap is most comparable to the Terragrip from Quake (although they are still strikingly different from one another).  The Terragrip grips a bit more tenaciously, and the DM strap has an edge with respect to comfort (and of course security).  Whatever the comparison, at its price, it’s a bargain.

I’m still gathering straps for my 2nd ‘Shoulder Strap Comparo‘, and may very well include the DayMakers Comfort Curve in that comparison test; it certainly has a lock on the value ranking.

You can see the entire DayMakers Be Safe Bags line-up at The site is being renovated, so please be tolerant. Ask, and they’ll send you their brand new catalog.

The Fine Print:  I have no affiliate or other relationship with DayMakers or any of the other companies mentioned in this post. DayMakers did provide me a PR sample to assist in the writing of this review.

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If you find any reviews of DayMakers products – particularly the shoulder strap – please let me know.

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12 Comments on A shoulder strap with a focus on security

  1. Michael W. says:

    How the heck do you find this stuff?

    Too bad this wasn’t up last month – I bought the PacSafe shoulder strap, which I ended up not using because it was too stiff and heavy. Have you checked those out? This sounds a little more comfortable.


    Kevin Reply:

    Actually, I think Till mentioned the DayMakers strap in the FlyerTalk thread he started about the Shoulder Strap Comparo: I simply contacted them… neat little company.


  2. Till says:

    Yep, I did. It’s cool that you followed up on that. I had never heard of them, either, until I got the FANTASTIC EasyGoing Carry-on bag.

    The original review with pics is here:

    I did post a link on FT, too.

    Unfortunately, the EG bag is not available anymore because the company stopped existing after more than 20 years in business. They made the bag in the US if I am not mistaken. It was very similar to the Airboss but lighter, better looking, with even better attention to detail, in ballistic instead of Cordura and cheaper. Very rugged, too, though perhaps not quite as bullet proof as the Airboss. For a bag I never check, that is not an issue, though.


  3. Michael W. says:

    Till should do a guest review here – maybe on a wheelie to counterbalance the obvious blog bias towards unwheelies. ;-)


    Kevin Reply:

    MW: Till and I have been discussing a guest post… his schedule doesn’t permit it at present, but stay tuned. kc


  4. Till says:

    yes, Kevin and I have been discussing this. It would be an honor! I will certainly do it but it will have to wait.

    In the meantime, those interested can read the only two wheelie reviews I’ve ever done:

    I could imagine doing a review of this:

    and comparing it to my Tumi 26141. In this comparo I would use the Samsonite Micromover with the Tumi and the EZM cart with the T500. Should be interesting. The two big players and the hardly known underdog that has taken the products of the big guys and made them better (at least I suppose but we will see).

    It would also be interesting to look at the Higher Ground Trillium bag and compare it to the BR B107. Here is a review. Perhaps that makes it less interesting.

    The Eagle Industries Alpha or Sigma bags also look very tempting.


  5. Michael W. says:

    Till should do a guest review before he gives away all the good stuff in comments only Till and Michael W. read….


  6. Till says:

    ROTFL! :D

    You could very well do one yourself, Michael!


    Kevin Reply:

    Actually, he has – twice, I believe.

    …and let’s hope you two aren’t the only ones reading each other’s comments!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Till says:

    Could you please provide link? Or can I somehow search the comment section by user name? Michael’s comments read like my reviews.

    I am sure the others are just wondering whether these two nerds have nothing else to do. :)


    Kevin Reply:

    Till –

    Here you go: &


  8. Till says:

    Thanks so much for the links. Awesome reviews. Well written, great photos, very informative. The way it should be. I just don’t share your positive impression of bundle wrapping. Totally doesn’t work for me. I put a link in the comments section of the Rick Steves review.


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