I was doing a little multitasking Sunday afternoon (which is to say, I was doing three things simultaneously, none of them particularly well) when something remarkable happened.  The Tour Championship was on TV, I was using my netbook to mindlessly click through links on iGoogle, and my wife and I were having a conversation.  About something. It could have been about Iraq, or perhaps tuna fish. But it was about…  something.

Actually, I was doing 4 things:  I was also drinking wine.  And sadly enough, this was the only one of the four that I was doing well.  I clicked on a link to Lifehacker and was quickly scrolling down the page and something flew by that looked oddly familar:

Lifehacker 1

I was by it in a second, but I still recognized the picture.

“Holy crap! Someone broke into the house and took a picture of the ceiling light in our Master Bedroom, and then posted it on Lifehacker,” I thought.   Ha.  I joke.  What I really thought was, “Damned genetics!  It’s finally happened, I’m having a stroke.”  I’d scrolled past this image quickly, but nevertheless was certain I’d either a) hallucinated seeing a picture I’d taken and posted here about two weeks earlier, or b) was in fact in the middle of some sort of transient ischemic attack prompted by Phil Mickelson’s hair.

So I did the only thing that made sense.  I took a large drink from my glass, closed my eyes, and tried to touch the tip of my nose with my right index finger.  Shockingly enough, I managed to make contact.  With my left cheek.  How reliable can that test be, anyway?

Undeterred, I scrolled upward, thinking that my poor, fevered little brain, confronted with altogether too much information and a rapidly increasing blood alcohol level, had simply hiccuped.

But there it was.  I stared at the picture in disbelief for about 15 seconds.

Lifehacker 2

“Uh, I’m on Lifehacker,” I mumbled.

“That’s nice.  Do you want penne or rigatoni for dinner,” Pat replied.  Then she looked up from her magazine and glanced at me with a confused expression:  “What’s a Lifehacker?

It seems the quick write-up I did over at Instructables (a short, “Just the facts, ma’am” version of this post) was noticed by Jason Fitzpatrick of Lifehacker and made the Saturday edition.  So I’m there…  I only wish they’d mentioned this site, but I’m very grateful nevertheless.  (Jason actually picked up on the post through a listing at Unplgged (thanks, Taryn!!).

You can see the post at Lifehacker by clicking here:  Install a “Garage Open” Indicator to Increase Security

Finally, you: thanks for being here.  It’s fun to see the site get a little bit of recognition and exposure (albeit indirectly), but your support, suggestions, and comments keep me going.  Thank you.

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3 Comments on I’m on Lifehacker… sort of

  1. Christo says:

    It’s because of that post that I found your site, and subsequently subscribed to your RSS :) Congrats on getting posted on LH! (You might be able to email them and request a link to your site?)


    Kevin Reply:


    Thanks for commenting and subscribing! Glad to have you here!!



  2. RWDub says:

    Glad to hear you are getting some exposure. Enjoy your posts.


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