Ex-Officio underwearI hadn’t intended to post this until next week or the week after, but on Wednesday of this week received an email from Magellan’s about this sale.  So I’m posting now in case any of you want to take advantage of it…

Over the years I’ve tried several brands of travel (lightweight, synthetic, fast drying) undershirts and briefs – Jockey, Wickers, Terramar, and others – and the absolute best in my opinion are from Ex-Officio.

In terms of quality and feel, I just haven’t found anything that is quite as nice and luxurious feeling as the Ex-Officio undershirts, or as comfortable as their briefs.  Plus they’re moisture wicking, breathable, and odor resistant:  perfect for long days on the road, or in the boardroom.

All of these items dry very quickly (wash in the hotel sink, rinse, spread out on a clean towel, roll it up and then walk or stomp on it; hang to dry) – usually in just a few hours, certainly overnight.

Briefs are available in regular and sport cuts.  The undershirt shown here is frequently the type I wear even when I’m not traveling; it’s that comfortable.

Magellan’s happens to be running a sale on these items through the end of the month, offering 33% Off regular pricing.  This stuff isn’t cheap, but if you travel a lot, it’ll pay dividends in lightening your load and helping you be as comfortable as possible.  If you’re interested, try one and see what you think.

To take advantage of this 33% sale, click on any of the links which follow.  Both men’s and ladies’ items are on sale:

men's briefsMen’s Briefs


v neck tee

Men’s V-neck Undershirts


bikini briefsLadies’ Bikini Briefs



Incidentally, the Ex-Officio Trip’r shirt (reviewed elsewhere on the blog) is on sale at Amazon.  I purchased another last week for $49 and change; the price seems to have fluctuated a bit, but it’s currently below $50 (see the widget to the right).  The standard price for the Trip’r at the Ex-Officio site is about $75.

If you’ve tried this brand of travel wear or others, please share your experiences by commenting.  Thanks for being here, and for your support of the blog.

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1 Comment on 33% Off – Ex-Officio underwear and tee shirts @ Magellan’s

  1. Michael W. says:

    I’ve been using Patagonia Capilene underwear for years, and finally decided to try Ex Officio about 9 months ago despite its high price – and you are right, it’s the best. I don’t know how they managed to improve over the Patagonia stuff, but they have, the claim of one pair for a whole trip is a little gimmicky but the stuff does dry awfully quickly and it’s comfortable.

    YMMV, but I had to buy one size DOWN to get a fit that wasn’t too baggy.


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