Greasemonkey is a browser Add-On which lets you customize your web browsing experience.  It’s often used to make your web experience simpler and less cluttered, but there are many ways you can improve your web experience with Greasemonkey.  But Greasemonkey’s a bit different than most Add-Ons.  To illustrate that point, let’s start with a couple of actual user reviews of the Firefox Add-on Greasemonkey:

Reviews for Greasemonkey

Review for Greasemonkey

I include these not to poke fun at anyone, but to underscore the fact that Greasemonkey is different from other Add-ons.  In and of itself, it does nothing.  The only evidence that it’s installed on your computer is a small  (what else?) monkey icon in the tool bar:

Tool Bar

It’s no wonder, then, that megadude and Dené Elisa were a bit perplexed!

The magic power behind Greasemonkey:  User Scripts

Clicking on the Greasemonkey icon turns the Add-on on and off.  Right click on it, and you can enable, disable or uninstall user scripts.   What’s a user script?  User Scripts are tiny bits of javascript that modify how websites are displayedThousands of user scripts are available to you.

The easiest way to explain Greasemonkey and scripts is to do a quick screencast:

You can find Greasemonkey here:  Greasemonkey Add-on for Firefox;  and the user scripts are available by clicking: More advanced users can create their own scripts; if you’re adept with javascript, it should be reasonably easy.

Please comment if you’re a Greasemonkey user, want to recommend specific scripts, or have questions!

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