Illustration by Ingo Fast - NY TimesMatt Gross – the New York Times’ Frugal Traveler – recently posted about options for calling home from the road while traveling internationally.  It’s an interesting read, as he explores a number of different options; here are a couple of brief excerpts:

At the same time, Skype faces increased competition from new players in the cheap-international-call marketplace. Chief among them is a little outfit called Google, which recently opened its Google Voice system up to new subscribers. You need an invitation to join, but you can request one on its site. I requested one back in March, and received my invitation a month ago.

But not all of us frugal travelers are on vacation. Some (like me) travel for work, while others simply travel as a way of life, and we like to maintain contact with the whole world at once. My favorite new way to do so is Voxox, which I’d never heard of until its publicist wrote to me in March.

You can read the entire article by clicking hereCalling Home for Even Less

If you’ve tried any of the options Matt writes about, – or others – please share by commenting.

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