…sorry for any inconvenience.  I’m trying to sort through things with my host.  kc  8:53pm  9-13-09

12:14pm  9-14-09 Update


Sorry for any grief this caused.  I was in the middle of writing a DIY project post last night when I discovered the problem.  I’ll publish that post tomorrow – the project involved me soldering electrical connections while standing on the bed in our master bedroom, crawling around the attic with the temp at about 100°F, and neglecting to tell my wife I was drilling a hole through the decorative trim on one of her ceiling lights…  in other words, it was great fun!  ..until I tried to link to an old post only to discover that the whole site seemed to be fouled up.  With a little guidance from DreamHost, it was fixed in 5 seconds.  Sigh.

See this new DIY post here tomorrow; thanks again for your patience.

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