In late August of 2008 I first wrote about my “90 day ‘Action Plan’” and made a simple, bare bones version available to readers.   If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a great “seal the deal” tool to bring with you to a second interview:  an outline of how you plan to approach your first three months on the job, should you be hired.  I’ve used this approach several times, and it works. Someone is selling a similar document on the web for $79!

About a dozen readers have either commented or emailed me that it was instrumental in their landing new jobs.

But the file was simplicity itself:  a bare bones, no-frills template, the most basic of Word documents, and nothing else.  And that’s always bothered me:  I want this to be as effective a tool for my readers as possible.

That’s why I recently worked with a talented graphic designer to upgrade the appearance and professionalism of the document.  In addition, I developed a complete set of instructions on how to use the Plan, including a series of questions to ask during your first interview – the answers to which will help you craft your 90 Day Plan.

The upgraded 90 Day Action Plan is now available.  See the FREE Downloads page.

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4 Comments on One year later: upgrading, expanding the 90 day Action Plan

  1. Kevin M says:

    Good plan, that has to feel good that you’ve helped some folks get a job – especially in “this economy”. No harm in making a few bucks while you’re at it.


    Kevin Reply:

    Absolutely – happy to have passed this along. A friend (former boss) gave it to me… as for charging for an enhanced version in the future, eh, I have mixed feelings. But it does cost money to host the blog, and then there’s my time…. ! Thx for commenting. kc


  2. Sara says:

    Hello Kevin:

    I downloaded the 90 day plan just in time when I was about to purchase that “Secret Document”. Thank you for your kind gesture to provide this simple document at no charge.

    However, after reviewing all the posts from Aug 2009, I was wondering whether your graphical document took off which you discussed providing at a nominal fee?

    Thanks, Sara



    Kevin Reply:


    I sent you the upgraded/updated template – hope it helps!! Best of luck with your search!


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