Ever have a brilliant idea in the middle of a meeting?  …or the night?   …or while at the movies??   Ever lose one of those brilliant ideas because you didn’t have a means of capturing it and were sure you’d never forget it…  and then did?

Never again!  And I’m most assuredly not going to tell you about Evernote or Remember The Milk, both products which are marvelous – particularly Evernote and its ability to sync notes across devices – but at times strike me as being overkill.

There are times when I simply want to jot down a quick idea.  On paper.  And be able to refer back to it later, wherever, whenever.  No logging on, no syncing, no passwords – like, ya know, pre-digital and all.

Many of you have no doubt heard of the “Hipster PDA” – essentially a stack of index cards held together with a mini binder clip.  I’ve gone that route and it worked reasonably well, but I was always afraid the binder clip would put a an odd-looking impression in the left rear pocket of my pants, giving people the impression that I have a binder clip-styled tumor on my butt.  Not a good thing.  And then I discovered Field Notes.

Field Notes 48 page Memo Books

Elegantly designed and executed, Field Notes are 48 page memo books available with lined, unlined and graph paper pages.  An homage to ag memo books and pocket ledgers, Field Notes are marvelously simple and durable.  Best of all, they fit in a shirt pocket or (old habits die hard) the rear pocket of your slacks…

Field Notes Brand - pocket size

The book pictured above rides along in my back pocket every day, so I can quickly jot down my next great (?) idea.  I can toss one in my golf bag, and I always have one on the nightstand.

It kills me when I see people firing up Remember The Milk to create a simple grocery list.  I rely upon technology every day and am lost when the internet connection goes down, but really…  just write it down on a piece of paper! …or a tastefully designed memo book.

Field Notes are available in 3 packs (you can mix the type of pages, if you wish) for $9.95. Coudal Partners throws in a couple of “goodies” with each order, by the way.  With my last order I got a Field Notes #2 pencil (someone who understands fonts designed this pencil – as well, of course, the memo books themselves).  Field Notes are also available in limited editions with colored covers.  You can visit the site by clicking on this link:  Field Notes by Coudal Partners

And if any of you have a line on a super slim pen or pencil, let me know!  [superemotions file=”icon_wink.gif” title=”Wink”]

The Fine Print:  I have no connection with Coudal Partners or Field Notes

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10 Comments on My wonderfully low tech way of remembering anything

  1. Brad Tanner says:

    If you like this, than check this out.

    I love my Paper Assistant.



  2. Michael W. says:

    Superslim pen:

    SWY or SWY/C Fisher Space Pen Black Stowaway Pen (with or without clip) (scroll down):


    Just $9.00, available at REI in the clipless version.

    Pressurized ink cartridge, writes upside down.


  3. Kevin says:


    Thanks; I ordered one. And then (of course!) I found the flat “Grippa” pen so I ordered several (their S&H is stout!)



  4. Michael W. says:

    A few weeks ago I ordered 1,000 business cards with nothing on them except my email address in the lower right hand corner. I use the business cards to jot notes. And once in a while to give to a friend. Email is my nexus, I hardly even answer the phone anymore.

    Let us know how the Grippa pens work out for you. I usually carry the “bullet” Fisher pen in my jacket pocket, but the Stowaway is a lot lighter and I don’t use it often enough to run out of ink (the ink cartridge in the Stowaway line is much smaller than in the regular line, which has a “fat” Parker-style cartridge).


    Kevin Reply:

    Love that idea (the all but blank business cards)! We’ll see how the Grippa pens are – I ordered a dozen of them.


    Nick Reply:

    Fisher Stowaway pens utilize exactly the same ink refill as all other Fisher pens. Fisher Stowaway models are also easy to refill.


    Michael W. Reply:

    Ok, I went to the Fisher website and I was completely wrong, per the website the Stowaway takes the “fat” (standard Space Pen, compatible with Parker) Fisher refill! I wouldn’t have thought that was possible, the pen is SO skinny. Now I need to find one of my Stoways and figure out how to open it up, it looked like a one piece, disposable pen – it is that small – so I assumed there was no screw cap ….


  5. Patrick Hall says:

    Used to do the same thing with the Moleskin Cahier Journals, which are pretty similar to the Field Notes design. I struggled with them getting very tattered and folded. It didn’t look great if I pulled it out while at a business lunch or at a customer meeting.

    I started using Levenger’s Shirt Pocket Briefcase. Roughly same size. Wallet-grade leather. And you refill it with 3×5 notecards. I’ve been thinking about ordering the personalized levenger notecards with my contact info on them and using them as stated above by Michael W.

    Little pricier than the Field Notes route but presents a much more professional appearance.



    Kevin Reply:

    Patrick: Thanks… the Levenger product looks like a really nice design; I’ll have to check it out. BTW, I changed the link – hope you don’t mind – for some reason the original link brought me to a 404 page at the Levenger site. Thanks for commenting! kc


  6. Blank page in a Moleskin. A freshly sharpened pencil. A hot cup of coffee and an imagination. Just ideal.


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