Ex-Officio Trip'r Shirt

Whether you’re backpacking in the wild, dodging cabs downtown on a hot summer day or enduring a meeting with a boss whose nickname is “Chainsaw,”  staying cool is a good thing.

Ex-Officio has been making quality adventure and travel clothing  for men and women for over 20 years, with an emphasis on durability, high performance, UV protection – and in some cases – protection from insects and bugs.

Always on the lookout for travel gear that can also serve as business casual daily wear, I recently snagged an Ex-Officio Trip’r™ long sleeve shirt in a “Neo Tartan” pattern.

This is a marvelously light shirt: constructed of 80% nylon and 20% polyester, my medium Trip’r weighed a mere 6.8 oz.  To put that in perspective, the Joseph A. Bank long sleeve “Traveler” shirts (in this case “traveler” refers to wrinkle-free) weigh 10.2 oz.  Think 3.4 ounces aren’t a big deal?  The difference is palpable:  the Trip’r feels super light, and that light weight is more and more important as the temperature rises.

Lightweight, moisture wicking and quick drying, the Trip’r has several neat features.  As is customary with shirts of this type, the sleeves are equipped with button tabs to ensure that they stay up – and out of your way.  Many similar shirts have a button on the upper sleeve; Ex-Officio has opted for a discreet tab, with the button on the tab itself – neat!–

Ex-Officio Trip'r sleeve tab

With a nod toward travelers, the Trip’r is equipped with two hidden “security” pockets.  Both are zippered, the zippers hidden by a flap.  A casual glance at the shirt would give an observer the impression that the shirt is without pockets:

Ex-Officio Trip'r hidden front pocketEx-Officio Trip'r hidden security pocket - zipper

Another essential feature of the Trip’r is its ventilation system.  If you look closely, you’ll note that the yoke hides two ventilation ports; a mesh fabric inside completes the system.

Ex-Officio Trip'r - ventilation at yoke

Click for a close-up

I mentioned “quick drying” earlier.  One of the wonderful things about this shirt is that it dries very quickly.  Get it wet fishing, and it’ll dry in minutes.  Traveling with the Trip’r?  Wash it out in a sink, squeeze out the excess water, place it between a couple of clean towels, roll them up and stand on the roll, moving your feet from side to side.  Hang it and it’ll be completely dry in 3-4 hours, less if a breeze can reach it.

Whether machine washed or as described above, the shirt dries remarkably wrinkle-free.  Also of note:  it has a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating of 30+, meaning it blocks 96% to ~97% of ultraviolet rays; your skin will thank you.

Finally, a basic but essential fact:  this is a good looking shirt.  It’s certainly nice enough to wear to work.  No one has to know that it’s adventure gear designed to keep you cool in the heat.  Not even Chainsaw!

Price:  $76 at Ex-Officio.com; free shipping is offered on orders over $50. The Trip’r is available in 4 colors in the Neo Tartan pattern, and is also available in solid colors; there’s also a short sleeve Trip’r.  You can see this shirt by clicking on this link:  Ex-Officio Trip’r Shirt –  Neo Tartan

The Fine Print:  I have no connection to Ex-Officio

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