Golf is hard enough without having to play in heavy, sweat-soaked clothing when the hot weather hits.  Our high temperatures have been in the mid 80’s to low 90’s recently, and it’s been humid as well.  Going out to play in a pair of heavy shorts and a 100% cotton shirt is deadly…  as well as not helpful to your game.

With this in mind, I’ve recently been searching for the lightest weight, coolest-feeling golf clothes available.  Thus far I’ve come up with a couple of winners…

Most of my golf shorts are fairly traditional – 100% cotton Adidas, Nike and Dockers shorts.  They’re nice enough, but when the heat and the humidity are turned up, everything starts feeling heavy.  Regular readers know that in the past I’ve looked to backpackers and hikers for lightweight packing strategies, and so I naturally turned to CAMPMOR, the camping and recreational equipment online/bricks and mortar retailer.

Royal Robbins Backcountry shorts

Scanning the men’s shorts section, I came across a pair of Royal Robbins “Backcountry” shorts.  Available in a couple of colors including khaki, they’re made with Supplex® nylon that dries quickly, resists water, stains and wrinkles.  Best of all?  They weigh a mere 9.3 oz and feel as though they weigh half that.  The inseam is 8″, so they’re a reasonable, just above the knee length as well.

For a comparison, I weighed a pair of 100% cotton Nike shorts and they weighed 11.4 oz.  I should mention that the Royal Robbins shorts include a nylon web belt with a quick release buckle.  The elastic in those shorts also add to their sense of comfort.  Love ’em!  Price: $34.99

Eddie Bauer Short Sleeve Half-Zip Polo

As far as shirts go, there are many options when it comes to lightweight, high-tech shirts.  I have a number of 100% poly or poly blend golf shirts, and they are all considerably lighter than 100% cotton shirts.  The absolute lightest shirt I’ve found thus far is from Eddie Bauer, of all places!  Simply called the Short Sleeve Half-Zip Polo, it’s made with a blend of polyester and Cocona polyester; moisture wicking, fast drying, odor resistant and offering UV protection as well, this shirt weighs a mere 6.3 oz.

My only misgiving about this shirt is that it’s zippered, and the placket is a contrasting color to the shirt; in my view it’s got a bit of a metrosexual vibe to it.  But I don’t feel strongly enough about it to not wear it!!  (On the darker colors, the contrast between the shirt and placket colors is less pronounced.)  This shirt is currently on sale for $19.99

Also worth mentioning are the Izod FX Series golf shirts; the one I have weighs 6.6 oz. and is a good looking, super lightweight shirt.  It too is 100% polyester.  There’s an Under Armour golf shirt in my closet as well, 100% poly, and it clocks in at 9.1 oz.

I’m open to other suggestions…  please comment if you’ve discovered any terrific hot weather gear!

The Fine Print:  I have no connection to any of the companies mentioned in this post.

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  1. Jim Pursell says:

    I’ve been searching for a tropic weight, short sleeved men’s cotton/poly blend shirt. I don’t know why it’s a secret but most vendors simply do not list the actual weight of the fabric used. Conventional broadcloth is 3.1 oz per yd. I’m looking for something like 2 oz per yd or a more open weave than broadcloth.


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