Orbit BigePakFeeling creative?  Perhaps you can help identify a clever use for this popular gum container.

Orbit BigePakYou’ve probably seen Orbit or Eclipse gum paks like this at the supermarket checkout.  Called the Big-e-Pak, it contains 60 pieces of gum and can be opened in either of two ways:  One tab can be opened so you can pour out one or two pieces…

Orbit BigEPak Grab Tab…or the other, larger tab enables you to grab however many pieces you want when opened…

Plus the container is sized to fit in one of your car’s cup holders, or of course it’s handy on your desk.

But what to do with such a neat container when it’s empty?

I spent a few minutes thinking about it, mostly in my shop, and came up with a few ideas:

BigEPak with small nails

Dump small nails in the top, dispense with the smaller tab

Use it for dispensing vitamins or supplements in the same manner

Use it for dispensing vitamins or supplements in the same manner

Use it to dispense solder, picture wire, twine and the like...

Use it to dispense solder, picture wire, twine and the like...

Don't limit your imagination - perhaps it could be used in different positions!

Don't limit your imagination - perhaps it could be used in different positions!

What clever uses can you come up with for the Orbit/Eclipse Big-e-Pak?  Please share your ideas by commenting!

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8 Comments on How creative are you? Identify a clever use for this container!

  1. Emily says:

    Paper Clip Dispenser? Adhere a piece of magnet to the underside of the lid. Shake, flip the lid open, and remove your paper clip(s).

    Remove the clear part of the lid, use the base with screw top as a cotton swab holder.

    Jewelry Box for when traveling

    Looks about the right size for girl scout cookies… could be a crumble-proof cookie/snack transporter.
    Goldfish crackers
    Vienna Fingers
    Nutter Butters

    Haven’t tried these yet, just also trying to come up with other ideas.

    PLEASE people – contribute your ideas… there must be a better hack for this than sending it to recycyling bin. :)


    Kevin Reply:

    Great ideas, Emily… thanks. I have one on my desk at work with almonds in it.


  2. John says:

    A geocache! Some camo paint and logbook and your set!


  3. I use these to hold EnviroTabs (www.enterglobalenergy.com). I ordered about 200 and they fit perfectly into this container. EnviroTabs are a fuel saving technology.

    If I could only find who manufactures the containers.

    I’m a truck driver & also use these to hold batteries, grommets, washers, small bolts, nuts, fuses, light bulbs, coins, dollars, use to store cash in freezer b/c times are about to get rough, use to hold earrings, jewelry.
    My kids use these to store play dough, beads. Barbie accessories, lego men, army men, Nintendo DS games, snack crackers, gummy bears, raisins, peanuts, pecans, chex mix, etc.
    My 5 year old used them as wheels for a repair job on his monster truck. He’s the creative one.
    My kids (ages 8, 5, & 2(almost 3 yrs old)) each have 6 of these I hot glued to a piece of plywood and turned into a banking practice for learning how to manage money. Each one says on the side and top: Tithe/Offering. Spend, Save, Invest, Donate. Vacation. It has been really fun teaching our kids how to earn commission instead of being given an allowance. We pay our children with a check every 2 weeks and show them how to live on a 10/10/10/70 plan that my wife and I have been on since being debt free for over 3 years.
    I took about 31 of these and made a calendar for the kids. Each one has a hidden treat for memorizing a bible verse for each child based on age to learn. If they can repeat it back to my wife they get a prize out of the date chosen. Some of the prizes are numbers representing points we give towards fun time.
    100 points= $1 or they can select a prize from our points jars, kinda like Chuck E Cheese

    The giant cheese balls containers were re-purposed as prize containers.

    If anyone can give me the name of the manufacturer who makes the Big E Pak containers by linking a website and if I can confirm a way to order them in bulk will get a $25 Giftcard from me.
    You can send info to me at my contact us link on http://www.enterglobal.com


  4. carolyn says:

    Do you know where I could buy these in bulk? I have an idea and need to buy them empty. I have heard from Wrigley’s that they will no sell them.


  5. Yvonne McCloskey says:

    I tear off the label and the lid and reuse these as vases for lots of things – in the bathroom to hold makeup brushes and eyeliners, on my nightstand to hold pens and nail files. Or you can leave the lid on and use them to store Qtips in the bathroom.


  6. Norma Petersen says:

    They are the perfect size for the small “barrels” of curling ribbon.


  7. Brendan says:


    I use these for quarters for laundry. They can hold over $20 in quarters and it’s really convenient to toss this container in a small cloth bag with dryer sheets and detergent and carry it to the laundromat.

    I also store the loose change in my car in one of these – for tolls, parking meters, etc. It sits nicely in the cup holder, next to one that’s still full of Eclipse Winterfrost.


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