Launched in early 2008 by Google and YouTube alumni, Howcast provides how-to videos on a wide array of topics.  All of the videos are fast paced, most are funny, and many offer really useful information.

Although the tone and style are quirky, production values are generally quite high.

I combed the travel category at Howcast and came up with 7 highly rated (Howcast is a user community) videos aimed at travelers.

First up is a video which covers the basics of getting a passport including what procrastinators need to do:

Some simple tips for securing cheap airfare.  Note that Kayak isn’t mentioned, and that’s a serious omission; otherwise, the info is pretty good:

We’ve covered here before; this piece also mentions SeatExpert:

This one makes me squirm a bit as I’m committed to bundle packing and hate wheelies, but there’s some useful info here – especially on clothing types & selection – for vacationers.  Please ignore the wheelie & reference to “carry-on champs!”

My reaction to the next video is simple:  never check your bag!  But sometimes even the most committed “one baggers” have to check something, and these strategies should help:

Some basics on getting to the airport on time; an important tool in this arsenal not mentioned here is sending an SMS message to Google (466453) with your 2 character airline code (e.g., UA for United Airlines) along with your flight number.  Within 10-15 seconds you’ll receive a text message with your flight status and gate information.

Finally, some great tips on avoiding jet lag:

You can check out all the categories and videos yourself by clicking here:

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