What more is a brand than a promise?

Just as we expect Apple to deliver wonderfully imagined & designed devices, Porsche to deliver German precision and a thrilling driving experience, and Zappos to provide extraordinary service…  your personal brand represents a promise to your customers.

What does your brand promise?

Is it clever thinking and ingenuity?  Reliable, dependable support?  Negativity and a crappy attitude?  Stunningly effective project management?  Mere adequacy?   Nothing memorable?  Organization-changing leadership?  Promising too much and delivering too little?

What is astonishing is how people can agonize so much over which brand of car they drive, shoes they wear or coffee they consume – yet be so utterly careless with their personal brand.

Ask yourself: what does my brand represent?  What am I doing today to enhance my brand – and the promise it offers my customers?

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