David Segal wrote in the New York Times on Saturday of how the recession (“our economy went kerflooey”) has skewered peoples’ notions of what’s possible for their futures.  Now replacing Plan B (retiring to the south, a vacation home, early retirement, etc.)  is “the new Plan B:” making best with what’s left, the “deal you cut with a fate you might be unable to avoid.”

Segal points out that the number of us who are actually living the new Plan B is low, but that thoughts about the new B have now become a part of our interior monologue.   He goes on to cite examples from several people he’s interviewed recently.

A sobering read, you might nevertheless want to check it out if you’re contemplating a redefinition of the next stage of your life; find it here:  What’s Your New Plan B?

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2 Comments on The recession: What’s your new Plan B… or C?

  1. David says:

    Thank you for pointing out this article. It is right on the mark. I feel glad to have a job and romantic second careers are no longer on my mind. I did, however, find it hard to feel sorry for the man with a net worth of $8M who saw his portfolio decline. Heaven forbid he may only be worth $3M :).


    Kevin Reply:

    :-) Absolutely; that’d be a shame. Here’s a NYT article about surviving on 500K per year in NYC: http://tinyurl.com/bs78jb Yikes!

    Thanks for the comment!


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