Chris BroganAbout a week ago social media guru and online marketer Chris Brogan blogged about dozens of online resources in several different categories including information, web-based work, mobile apps and several others.

I’ve found myself going back to the list several times in order to explore some of the sites and to discover some new tools.  From the article:

The future is now. Sometimes, we don’t look outside our little angle of it, and that means we miss some possibilities. Other times, we realize something’s out there and we have part of the puzzle, but we’ll catch a different view that gives us even more. I’ve compiled a list of (57) possibilities and things happening out there on the Internet that might be of interest to you.

That old cliché “There’s something for everyone here” is actually true in this case!  Check out Chris’s post by clicking here:  57 Internet Possibilities to Investigate

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