One of the things I get a kick out of is trying to pare back as much weight as possible when I travel, and some of the best resources for finding lightweight gear are backpacking blogs, sites and catalogs.   One of the items I mentioned in my recent post “The no BS list of essential travel gadgets” is a small flashlight.  Imagine my delight when I discovered an 8 gram (!) LED light the other evening…

cord lock light

It’s called the “Cord Lock Light” as – obviously – it’s not only an LED light, it’s a cord lock as well.

It features three light settings: high (12 hour battery life;) low (20 hours;) and flash (50 hours.)  You can use it as a spring-loaded cord lock on a fleece pullover, on the water bottle closure on your backpack, or wherever you have pull cords.


cord lock LED

Just how much is 8 grams?  About the weight of a match book!  Another idea for use:  put one on your kids’ parkas – they’ll have a handy emergency light, should they ever need it!

The Cord Lock Light is powered by two (supplied) lithium CR-1220 batteries and was developed by Black Crater Gear of Portland, OR.  Price: ~$10.  I found it at REI.

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