A week after posting my “The no BS list of essential travel gadgets” article, what do I stumble upon over at Vagabondish but an article featuring the “50 greatest” travel gadgets of last year!  When I saw the first few words of the title I was all prepared to be outraged by what I imagined were a bunch of stupid gadgets, but was pleasantly surprised…

To my delight, the piece is a tongue in cheek tribute to Sky Mall and similar purveyors of gadgets, and spends most of its time poking fun at some of the more outrageous & idiotic travel gadgets out there.  Give it a read – the commentary is well written and funny.

You can read the full post @ Vagabondish here: 50 Greatest Travel Gadgets of 2008: The Good, the Bad and the … Sweet Jesus, WTF is That?

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