Responding to my post about homemade energy bars, someone from Matisse & Jack’s sent me a few samples of their all natural bake-at-home snack mixes several weeks ago, and I finally got around to trying one of them this evening.

First, a few basics:

  • The company is based in San Francisco, and their claim to fame is the 4 mixes you see pictured above – add the mix’s dry ingredients to a bowl, mix in a few liquid ingredients, spread in a pan, and ~30 minutes later you have a delicious, easy snack
  • Available flavors:  Granola Bites; Cocoa Squares; Cranberry Power Snacks; Chocolate Chip Power Snacks
  • Their products use all natural ingredients – this is the entire ingredient listing for the Cranberry Power Snacks I made:

Organic whole grain rolled oats, whole grain otat flour, flax seeds, ground soy nuts, dried cranberries, sunflower oil, sugar, evaporated cane juice, unbleached wheat flour, light brown sugar, rice syrup solids, oat bran, wheat gluten, fructosse, non-GMO soy protein isolate, natural flavors, sea salt, calcium, cinnamon, baking soda

  • You can also customize the ingredients – there are some suggestions right on the box and on the company’s website. You can add nuts, chopped dried fruit, frozen blueberries, protein powder and similar items
  • Cost per bar (each box produces 9 3″x3″ bars) works out to about $ .70
  • Nutritional breakdown per bar:

    • 150 calories
    • 20 calories from fat
    • Total fat 2 g
    • Trans fat 0 g
    • Saturated fat 0 g
    • Cholesterol 0 mg
    • Sodium 150 mg
    • Total carbs  150 mg
    • Dietary fiber 3 g
    • Protein 7 g

So……..  how do they taste?  I tried the Cranberry Power Snacks, and I have to say they were pretty good.  I frankly prefer my homemade bars, but have to admit that the prep here is even easier, and the nutritional value very solid. The cost is about the same, although the bars are smaller than my homemade variety.  In a pinch – particularly if I were pressed for time – this would be a great way to have healthy snacks in a flash.

Bottom Lineif you are looking for a fun, healthy snack that you could make with young kids without a lot of mayhem, this could be just the ticket.

Matisse & Jack’s mixes are available at select Whole Foods and Super Target stores, and at the Matisse & Jack’s website.  When you order from the site, shipping is free if you order 6 or more boxes.

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