The files available via Practical Hacks’ FREE Downloads page hit the 1000 download mark this weekend.  Thanks for downloading these files and I hope they have been helpful to you!  A few notes and thoughts:

  • One of the most popular files:  the “Simple PowerPoint business plan format.” This is a 3 page PP format I put together to help budding Market and Product Managers summarize their thoughts into a very concise format.
  • I’ve added a couple of favorite recipes – these will show up on Practical Hacks as feature articles at some point.
  • I originally started the Download page when I made a file available for tracking expenses in conjunction with my post, “Do you REALLY know where your money is going?” but it has expanded quite a bit since that modest beginning.  If you’ve used these files I’d really enjoy some feedback, good or bad… and if you have any suggestions for other topics of interest, please share them by commenting.

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