I’ve written about this before @ PracticalHacks, so forgive the redundancy – but I use this tool every single day and it saves me a good deal of time and I just want to make sure you’re aware of it.

Say you’re stumbling through sites and you find a site that looks interesting – but the article or post that’s been submitted to Stumbleupon is a bit older…  “What’s on the homepage?” you might wonder – hit a single button in your toolbar (Firefox) and you’re there in an instant.  No searching for a “Home” button.

Or…  you’re on a favorite news or media site (The New York Times, for instance) and have clicked through a series of article links and are deep into the site. Want to go to the homepage in a flash?  Click the “Go to Home” link and you’re there in a heartbeat.

As a Firefox user, I’d only tried it with Firefox.  This morning I launched IE and was able to save this tool (it’s a tiny bit of javascript) per the instructions below; it’s not as sweet as using it in Firefox, but it works.

I wish I could recall where I first saw this and credit the person who created it….  but I can’t remember where I found it.  If you’re the author:  THANK YOU.

Firefox users:  drag the “Go to Home” link below to your Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar. To get to any site’s homepage, just click on this newly installed bookmark….   slick!

Internet Explorer:  Right click on the link below and select “Add to Favorites” — then to use, select Favorites/Go to Home…  semi-slick!

Go To Home

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4 Comments on Firefox, IE users: jump to any site’s home page in an instant!

  1. Hugh Donohue says:

    Kevin: Great Link! I placed it on my Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar just as you described. (Slick, indeed!)

    There is a means to have it displayed on the links bar in IE, as well. I like to use Links for many quickly needed sites, such as my Google reader, Google Scholar for grad school research, my undergrad class list admin site – you get the picture

    In both FF & IE, make the Links Toolbar visible – Click View, Toolbars, then make sure Bookmarks Toolbar (FF) or Links (IE) is checked.

    For Firefox just follow your instructions. In IE, do as you have suggested but when the pop-up appears, click the down arrow to reveal all your folders, and select “Links”.

    The link is now deposited at the right-most end of your links, in both Toolbars.

    This where I have found the drag-and-drop function works well. If you have more links than space on the link bar, click on the right >> to reveal the unseen-but-still-there links, place the cursor on the “Go to Home” icon left-click-and-hold, and drag it up onto the links bar, as far left as you wish. My convention is to place all such Home icons on the far left; others may wish to keep it separate from the Home icon on the Navigation Toolbar..YMMV.

    Another technique I rely on is to change the name of the link, to a shorter one that allows me to make visible as many links as possible. Right-click on the mouse while the cursor is on the target icon, and select “Rename” in IE, or “Properties” in FF. In IE, a pop-up appears in which the current name is displayed. Enter your preferred name, then click the “OK” button.. In FF, as Properties is selected a pop-up also appears; enter the name change in the “Name” window, then click “Save Changes”. I have changed the name to “Home” without the “Go to” to have yet one more link displayed.

    Again, thanks for another Practical Hack!

    Best wishes…/Hugh Donohue


    Kevin Reply:

    Hi there, Hugh – glad it was helpful. Thanks very much for your additional pointers – fantastic!!



  2. rockitriddle says:

    FYI, this also works for the Safari web browser.


    Kevin Reply:



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