The number of sites offering TV shows and movies for free on the internet has exploded over the last several years.  With movie ticket prices often in the $7 to $9 range, some are opting to view flicks online; miss a TV show? – it’s not too hard to find the missed episode at the network’s site or others.

If you’re concerned about copyright violations, check out Hulu – the quality of the video is outstanding, the site requires no downloads whatsoever, and you won’t be violating any copyrights.

The site, founded in 2007 by NBC Universal and News Corp, includes a 30 second ad every 20 minutes or so during each feature.  Hulu acquires the rights to distribute its videos, making them available to you legally.  Here’s a screenshot of the movie “Species III” from Hulu; note that unlike this screen capture, you can view videos full screen:

Check out Hulu at

The name Hulu, incidentally, comes from a Mandarin Chinese proverb in which it stands for, “holder of precious things.”

A couple of other sites I’ve visited with some success are Luutit ( –

….and Alluc “All you see” ( –

Click on the above images to see close-up views; some of the available titles may surprise you.  Both of these sites redirect you to other sites; copyright infringement in these cases is murky; if you have concerns, stick with Hulu.

Finally, for a full rundown on sites with offer TV shows and movies, check out Eazy Cheezy’s post about 50 sites which offer free TV shows and movies.

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