If you can be flexible about your travel plans, definitely check out Travelzoo. The site doesn’t actually sell packages, but captures the best deals from a variety of airlines, hotels, car rental firms, and travel websites.

Their “Top 20” list is is a compilation of the best 20 online travel deals of the week. The Top 20 list has more than 12 million subscribers; you can sign up in a matter of moments or if you prefer not to share your email address, the feature is available online (see image above.)

If you’re truly a last minute traveler, check out their “Last Minute” feature. It captures the best travel deals across the nation for the next 3-4 weeks.

Finally, when you register with TZ, each time you visit the site you’ll notice their “Deals Near You” feature.

Click on it and you’ll be treated to up to 15 deals within a mileage radius that you can specify. Here’s what the site was showing this week for Chicago:

I’ve checked online reviews of Travelzoo and they have been quite positive. Although I haven’t used the site myself, it certainly seems worth a look. If you’ve had experience with this site, please comment!

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